Miss NTD, Global Chinese Beauty Pageant, Searches for Inner Beauty

Miss NTD, Global Chinese Beauty Pageant, Searches for Inner Beauty
Richard Yin and Lucy Zhou, organizers of the NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant, at a press conference in New York City on Feb. 10, 2023. (Edwin Huang/The Epoch Times)
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When actress Jenn Gotzon was recently interviewed on The Epoch Times’ sister media outlet NTD Television about the upcoming New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Global Chinese Beauty Pageant, for which she is on the honorary advisory board, she described what is most valued in contestants with one word: benevolence.

“I think benevolence is the strongest point because it’s about kindness,” Gotzon said. “At the end of the day, we could do all of these things, but if we are not kind to someone, it doesn’t matter. The grace when someone walks up on stage and they answer a question, the politeness when they meet somebody passing in the hall, and the gentleness when they see someone serving even as a custodian. The love and the kindness really set someone apart.”

Her husband, actor and producer Jim Chandler, is also on the honorary advisory board and has a similar view.

“We really show people how beautiful we are by showing acts of love,“ Chandler said. ”There can be somebody who may not have the same aesthetics as somebody else but has such a beautiful spirit that you can’t help but be attracted to them. And it isn’t because of their outward appearance; it is because of what they have inside their soul: their spirituality, their kindness, their gentleness, their peace.”


Miss NTD promotes ancient Chinese values and celebrates the pure, authentic beauty of the Chinese woman, so contestants will be judged on five essential inner values: morality, righteousness, propriety, benevolence, and faithfulness.
Applications are underway for the pageant, which is in its first year. Women between 18 and 30 who are at least one-third Chinese and fluent in either Mandarin or English may participate.

There will be opportunities in the application and interview processes for contestants to let their own inner beauty shine. A well-written biography could include examples of ways inner values play out in a contestant’s life.

Gotzon, who has worked as a model, as a producer, and in the pageant world, offered this advice for contestants navigating the pageant: Address each person individually and make comfortable eye contact with them. On stage, when asked a question, repeat the question, as this will provide a little more time to formulate an answer.

Most of all, she said, have fun. This always brings out your genuine spirit, and it’s a great way to enjoy yourself.

Gotzon has appeared in the Oscar-nominated film “Frost/Nixon” and more recently in a film produced with her husband, “The Farmer and the Belle,” which is partly about inner beauty. It’s a theme so important to them that they have produced two books promoting the value of inner beauty and plan to make a sequel to the film.

In addition to “The Farmer and the Belle,” Chandler has appeared in “Drop Dead Diva” and is now working on “Chang Can Dunk.”

Chandler said Miss NTD is unique because it celebrates traditional values.

“You’re focusing on the rich Chinese culture, which includes things like being righteousness, benevolent, and being faithful,” Chandler said.


Participating in the pageant is its own reward because it builds confidence, poise, and public speaking skills, but Miss NTD also offers some major prizes. Participants are eligible to win a prize package including $10,000, Shen Yun’s Heavenly Phoenix necklace and earring set, designer dresses, a collection of other gifts, and the honor of wearing the official Miss NTD phoenix crown, a beautiful sapphire tiara, for a year.

Those who make it to the grand finals and coronation will have worldwide media exposure. These events will be televised to millions of viewers and receive additional promotion and coverage through NTD TV and online platforms, as well as The Epoch Times.

The live event will be held at the Performing Arts Center at Purchase College in Harrison, New York, from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1. During this time, judges will consider four categories: an interview with judges; on-stage questions and answers; dancewear to showcase fitness, poise, and posture; and an evening gown.

Those who choose to may also compete in the optional performing arts categories of creative, singing, or dancing— either classical Chinese or ballet.

Before that, participants must pass the online audition phase, which involves an online interview with the selection committee, a video evening gown presentation, a speech, a comprehensive personal biography, and a “Beauty with a Mission” video project on the subject of the significance of women to family, society, and the continuation of civilization.

Apply for the pageant at MissNTD.org/apply.
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