Man Who Worked at Chick-fil-A Since Age 16 Gets His Own Restaurant in Hometown 15 Years Later

Man Who Worked at Chick-fil-A Since Age 16 Gets His Own Restaurant in Hometown 15 Years Later
(Courtesy of Chick-fil-A)
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When a North Carolina teen got a job working at a Chick-fil-A in 2006, after just one month working there, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

He dreamed of one day owning and operating a Chick-fil-A franchise in his hometown of Greensboro.

After 15 years of traveling to and working at restaurants hundreds of miles from home, that dream is now about to become a reality.

Andrew White was just 16 years old when he joined the Chick-fil-A team at their Wendover location so many years ago.

Chick-fil-A's Wendover location in Greensboro, North Carolina. (<a href=",-79.8941551,3a,40.5y,260.12h,108.72t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s9WslnEzfxyveHXXfaBbRQQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en">Screenshot</a>/Google Maps)
Chick-fil-A's Wendover location in Greensboro, North Carolina. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

In 2012, the Ragsdale High grad moved to Raleigh to be general manager for a couple of restaurants, before he and his family packed up and moved to Milwaukie, Wisconsin, in 2015 to assist a franchise operator there.

In 2018, White moved again, this time to Iowa, and got his first chance to be an owner and operator in Coralville, just outside Iowa City.

But White and his family had always dreamed of owning their own Chick-fil-A restaurant back in their hometown of Greensboro—though they never expected their dream to come true.

Next month, White will get his wish when his own franchise opens in Grandover Village Shopping Centre, just miles from the house he grew up in.

(Courtesy of <a href="">Chick-fil-A</a>)
(Courtesy of Chick-fil-A)
“It’s surreal, it truly is a homecoming,” White told CBS during the breaking ground ceremony. “When we left in 2015 and moved to Wisconsin, we didn’t think there was a chance to come back to North Carolina. Although we had that desire, and we loved that idea, we just didn’t think it'd be possible.”

For all those who are aspiring toward a purpose in life, White shared a message.

“I think my encouragement to everybody will be pursue your dreams. Truly, anything is possible,” he said.

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