Louisville Musician Receives New Violin From Store Owner After His Is Stolen


A man from downtown Louisville, Kentucky, took to Facebook on July 1 to express his frustrations after learning that his violin was stolen.

Micah Chandler, has been playing the violin for decades, according to WLKY, and despite having cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities, they do not stop him from sharing his gift with people around town.

His first performance was at Manual High School, then the University of Louisville, and now Chandler takes his talents to major events in the city.

After Chandler took his news to Facebook, in just one day his post went viral. Shop manager John Metcalf said people on social media contacted the Doo Wop Shop to come to Chandler’s aid. 

And it did. 

The store’s owners gave Chandler a brand-new violin on July 2—less than 24 hours after he made the post.

“We gifted Micah a new violin this morning. It was simply the right thing to do. He’s been a great customer of ours for many years; we don’t understand why anyone would steal from such a kind and friendly face in our community. The decision was an easy one,” Doo Wop Shop wrote on its Facebook page.

Chandler told the station he has put the theft behind him since he was given the new violin, which has now become his favorite. 

“I’m gonna still be me, ... I’m gonna stay humble and still be me because regardless of what happens in my life, I got the joy of the Lord,” he said. 

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