Indian Schoolgirl Perfectly Reproduces Periodic Table by Inserting 90 Global Issues

Rather than a chemical, each symbol abbreviates a relevant social problem affecting the world today.
Indian Schoolgirl Perfectly Reproduces Periodic Table by Inserting 90 Global Issues

Above is the periodic table, with the elemental symbols as they should be. But rather than a chemical, each symbol abbreviates a relevant social problem affecting the world today.

Meet Kaanchi Chopra, the creator of this unique period table of elements. Chopra is a 17-year-old student and artist from Delhi, India. Because she uses her art as a platform to incite change, Chopra refers to herself as “ardent artivist.”

“I strive to make an impact with my artworks so, every illustration has a moral, some meaning and a message linked to which is capable of driving social change and awareness,” Chopra shares in her own words on her blog.

Chopra shares much of her work via her blog, with this “90 social issues” periodic table being one of her latest concoctions.

Chopra writes that the inspiration for her creation came from her recollection of how students in class were made to make mnemonics to memorize the periodic table. With a spark of inspiration, she realized that each symbol in the table could correspond to a global issue. Following that train of thought, Chopra successively completed her periodic table of global issues—a study tool to learn about what’s going on in the world (and possibly help memorize the periodic table).

Below is a sampling of some lesser-known elements Chopra singles out in her post:


Meaning – Deep-rooted fear towards foreigners, strangers, or even the unknown.


Meaning – A potentially life-threatening eating disorder marked by binging, followed by methods to avoid weight gain.

For more meanings, statistics, and solutions concerning key elements, visit Chopra’s original blogpost here

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