‘I’m Passionate About God’s View of Marriage’: Woman Sets an Example for Her Children by Caring for Her Husband

‘I’m Passionate About God’s View of Marriage’: Woman Sets an Example for Her Children by Caring for Her Husband
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Deborah George

Thirty-year-old Jessi has been using her social media platform to demonstrate the power of a healthy marriage by sharing anecdotes and lessons from her life as she cares for, loves, and prays with her husband.

The stay-at-home mom met her husband, Skylar, now 32, at a Bible college in 2014.

“I had to get to my early 5 a.m. work in the coffee shop and had 10 minutes to grab breakfast,” she told The Epoch Times. “He was just about to start his security shift and was making a waffle with the waffle maker that was never out. I came in and saw he was making one, which meant I didn’t have time to.”

(Courtesy of <a href="https://www.instagram.com/cultivating.femininity/">@cultivating.femininity</a>)
(Courtesy of @cultivating.femininity)

On seeing Jessie disappointed, Skylar gave her his waffle, and they both left for their respective shifts.

That chance meeting led to a relationship, marriage, and eventually, four children.

‘The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children Is to Love Their Father Well’

Since childhood, Jessi has aspired to be a stay-at-home mom, and her husband supported the idea. Skylar was happy to provide for the family.

“We both view our roles through the lenses of scripture, and it’s very important to us that we put God first, then our family,” Jessi said. “Skylar and I both were in agreement that our children are a blessing from the Lord, and I needed to be the one to pour into their little minds all day long.”

Today, they have four children aged 8 and under and are expecting their fifth soon.

At the center of their marriage is Jessi’s belief that “the greatest gift you can give your children is to love their father well.”

“Loving one another only second to God gives your children a deep sense of trust in your family unit,” she said, adding this helps her children see their parents as reliable and stable and gives them confidence that they can rely on them.

The couple prioritizes spending quality time with each other and ensures they have actual meaningful conversations with each other without their devices.

“We want our kids to see the joy that we have together,” Jessi said.

Growing as a Family

Jessi’s family eats breakfast together every morning before memorizing hymns. They then tend to their animals and garden before starting their homeschooling session.

By midday, they’ve completed school, and the little ones take a nap.

The afternoon for the older children is spent on games and reading.

Jessi loves seeing her children learn new things. “Reading and math have been so fun to watch my kids discover!” she said.

(Courtesy of <a href="https://www.instagram.com/cultivating.femininity/">@cultivating.femininity</a>)
(Courtesy of @cultivating.femininity)

“Usually we bake something at this point because we love baked goods in this house,” Jessi said.

After baking, everyone works to get the house cleaned so that Skylar can come home to a clean house. Then, the whole family eats supper together—a priority for Skylar and Jessi. A bedtime routine comes next complete with hymns, prayer, and family time.

Jessi feels content in her role as a wife and mother and is grateful to see Skylar fulfill his role as the provider.

Not only does Skylar provide for the family with his income, but he handles most of the bills, having been blessed with a talent for managing finances.

“We talk through our finances and budget,” Jessi said.

Balancing household chores isn’t always easy with little ones underfoot.

“I have specific days for specific things,” Jessi said. “I try to be flexible though. With five kids, it definitely takes creativity!”

Needless to say, the proud mother is devoted both to her husband and her children.

“Our faith has shaped our family from the beginning,” Jessi said.

‘I’m Passionate About God’s View of Marriage’

“My goal is to encourage wives to lean into the role that God has so graciously given to them and not take it for granted!” Jessi said. “I’m passionate about God’s view of marriage, and I think it’s something that many couples need encouragement in.”
(Courtesy of <a href="https://www.instagram.com/cultivating.femininity/">@cultivating.femininity</a>)
(Courtesy of @cultivating.femininity)

To achieve this, Jessi began sharing her perspective on building a “holy and strong marriage” on social media and has been able to build a community of nearly 17,000 followers and is grateful to them.

As for feedback from women online, Jessi’s content has received “a mixture of beautiful, encouraging support and some very unkind words,” she said, although she added that “the good outweighs the bad.”

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