How You Clasp Your Thumbs Reveals Your Personality Type–Are You a Perfectionist or Empath?

How You Clasp Your Thumbs Reveals Your Personality Type–Are You a Perfectionist or Empath?
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How you clasp your hands can reveal a lot about the type of person you are, body language experts believe. Like the “tell” in poker, it’s now known where to look to size up a person’s personality.

Nobel Prize winner Roger Wolcott Sperry arrived at this conclusion after extensive research on the human brain. His investigation determined that a person’s behavior depends on which side of the brain happens to be more active at the time.

So let’s look at how we hold our hands and what that says about us.

1. Left Thumb Dominant

If your left thumb ends up on top when you clasp your hands, it is highly likely that you are a pragmatic person. It means you are the type of person who avoids making impulsive decisions. Rather than being spur of the moment, you like to take time to weigh all the pros and cons before arriving at a decision. You are difficult to deceive and have an inherent ability to spot a lie a mile away.
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You are often the first port of call for family and friends who are seeking advice. More often than not, you dispense sage advice.

While this may sound like you have a serious nature, you are quite the opposite. You can light up a room with your sharp humor and are a people magnet at social functions.

You are romantic at heart, knowing what to say and when in any courtship.

2. Thumbs Aligned Evenly

You pay careful attention to details and are a perfectionist. You are a natural-born leader but expect everyone to match your high levels of dedication and concentration. You lead by example.

Aligned thumbs, though, do not indicate you are unfeeling to the needs and circumstances of others.

You are a good listener and will attempt to walk in the shoes of others to understand their viewpoint before making a decision. Your open sincerity will be found disarming by some and endearing to others in equal quantity.

You expect this openness and honesty in your relationships and never shy from stating your mind, nor do you try to stop partners doing the same.

3. Right Thumb Dominant

If you subconsciously prefer to have the right thumb on top of your left, then you are highly likely to be an emotional person. Your empathy for others and their feelings are boundless even if they do their best to hide their genuine emotions. This admirable ability to understand other people makes you a popular choice for others to confide in you.
(Champion studio/Shutterstock)
(Champion studio/Shutterstock)

This trait gives you a unique perspective on life that others may not share. You can think outside of the norms and take a step back to see what is the correct decision in any given situation.

You are not one to rush to a decision, though. You much prefer to take your time to ponder all the emotional issues before arriving at a conclusion. Your innate ability to understand profound emotions and exude warmth naturally attracts people to you.

Your emotional radar lets you understand a partner’s feelings before they are even voiced. You take a partner’s emotional needs in your stride.

Okay. Now, without thinking about it, clasp your hands together and find out what kind of person you are at heart.

Who knew the simple action of clasping our hands could say so much about us as a person? It’s often said people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Clearly, we have been looking in the wrong place all along.

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