How to Have a Great Interview

A few tips to help you land that dream job

How to Have a Great Interview
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An interview is essentially a talent show in which you get to display why you would be the perfect choice for the job.

Be Enthusiastic

Most interviewers are looking for someone they would want to work with, so make it clear that would be you with a positive attitude and genuine smiles. Let the interviewer know you're pleased by the opportunity to meet with him or her. But while it’s good to be excited, don’t overdo the enthusiasm and resist the urge to overshare. If you feel that you’ve made a connection with the interviewer, open up a bit, but make sure to not interrupt them.

Be Honest

If you're asked if you can do something that you know you can’t do or that you're unsure if you can do, speak up. The interview is most likely focused on a specific task, so if you have concerns over your suitability for it, now is the time to discuss it. On the other hand, if you're superbly qualified for the job, confidently explain why with relevant examples and brief success stories and without sounding like a know-it-all narcissist.

Do Your Research

To make sure you would enjoy working for the company if you get an offer, do some online research to learn what the company does and read reviews from current and past employees. If the interviewer asks if you have any questions, have at least one or two. Clarifying expectations of what you'll do is always a good one. If you’ve heard good things, say so. If you have concerns, such as high turnover rates, express them diplomatically.

Sell Yourself

The fact that you're in an interview means they're interested, so be well-groomed and dress for success. Be on time, and even if the firm has a casual dress code, wear a suit and tie or a conservative dress. If the interview is done remotely via an app, know how to use it and dress as if you were in their office. Test the app prior to the call to ensure nothing in the background is distracting.

Make Your Resume Shine

When you submit a resume, tailor it to the company and the job. If you use bullet points, arrange them so that the more relevant ones are at the top. Have a copy of the resume you provided to the company in front of you so you can refer to it if the interviewer asks a question about your skills or previous job experience. Use the interview to point out how your previous experience makes you a perfect fit for this new job.
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