How to Build a Healthy and Inspired Team

How to Build a Healthy and Inspired Team
Glennys Hyland

1. Great Leaders Are Servants

You found a problem you want to solve, but you can’t do it alone. You need to build a team to do it with you, so together you can bring the solution to the problem.

But to build a team you need to build a relationship with them; and love, serve, and care for them.

2. You Only Harvest From the Seed That You Plant

What I mean with this is that if you lead your team with a good, loving, fun, and respectful attitude, you’ll get back that same attitude from them. They will be the same towards you, and others.

3. Leaders Must Love Their Vision

Leaders must love their vision. Love those that they lead. Love what they do.

Example: if you had a business selling t-shirts, but you never cared for them. You never wear them. Chances are you won’t succeed in that business.

4. Great Leaders Are Cheerleaders

A great leader is a cheerleader. Their attitude is one of encouragement, finding ways to lift and build up their team members. They take the necessary time to think before acting, use wisdom with their choice of words, and practice self-control. They work hard, and never stop learning, searching, and building relationships with other leaders.

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