Heart-Stopping Video: Monkey Risks Its Life to Save Her Baby Trapped on Powerlines

Heart-Stopping Video: Monkey Risks Its Life to Save Her Baby Trapped on Powerlines
Epoch Inspired Staff

Who needs the circus when you have monkeys performing tricks on tightropes out in the real world?

In an incredible act of acrobatics captured on video in a village in India, a baby monkey dangles precariously, trapped high up on a powerline, while members of its troop watch anxiously from a nearby rooftop.

It's a tense scene, and locals peer up at the helpless baby monkey from down below. They can be heard chattering worriedly off camera.

Watch the video captured by someone who witnessed the scene in Gara Village in Rajasthan on May 14:

The video went viral after it was posted online.

Luckily for the baby monkey, whose limbs were too short to maneuver across the wobbly power lines and find its way to safety, an elder monkey, reportedly the baby's mother, leaps atop the building and prepares to make a rescue.

Locals hold their breath as she leaps through the air and, with her much longer limbs, takes hold of the powerlines.

But she's unable to grasp her baby and quickly jumps back to safety.

On a second attempt, she makes another incredible leap, and snatches her baby in her arms before bridging the gap back to safety once again.

The mother and her baby are safe and sound, and cheers of relief are heard from the humans on the ground

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