Get Ready for the Most Epic POV Ski Clip Ever


People usually use a GoPro to film the fun and exciting things they do. Running a mud race or jumping off a small cliff into some water would be considered standard usage. Not so for 32-year-old pro skier Candide Thovex who recently posted this insane video of him plummeting down La Clusaz mountain in the French Alps. If you’re familiar with GoPro, this might just be the craziest use of one you’ve ever seen.

Now, there’s some discussion in the YouTube community about this video—was it edited, as some of its moments just don’t seem possible, or is it was just straight GoPro footage? Some of the comments even point out obvious CGI being added in. Some are calling it the best YouTube ski video of all time. In my opinion, the clever editing and CGI, if that’s indeed true,  just makes it all the more epic! 

Put your face close to the screen for this one and take a deep breath. You’re about to partake in the descent of a lifetime!