Exotic Cruise Holiday Destinations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island yet her beauty is irresistible to any cruise tourist.
Exotic Cruise Holiday Destinations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island yet her beauty is irresistible to any cruise tourist. Dubbed as the 'teardrop of India', this small country has plenty in store for everyone. Cruising to Sri Lanka may be an experience of a life time as you come to experience this small country that bursts with natural beauty. Whether a lover of the wild, the sun bather of the ocean sand or even those who like the cosmopolitan street life, this island country blends a strong combination of sophistication and leisure. There are several cruise holiday destinations that will not disappoint those that choose this Far East country.


When you decide to go on that cruise holiday, Ahugalla is the ideal destination. This island is defined by beautiful beaches and magnificent resorts. It is here that you find warm waters and beach sand that allows you to enjoy the tropical sun. There is a wide range of activities including beach sports that make this place a destination for many. The facilities here are also top notch. The elegance in the hotel rooms and fun filled entertainment joints are things to reckon with in Ahungalla. There are also budget hotels for those cruise lovers who do not wish to spend much on their trip.


It remains among the most famous resorts in Sri Lanka for cruise holiday makers. The scenic beauty of Bentota River as it drains its waters in to the Indian Ocean is spectacular. The lagoon here is a special place for wind surfers and those who love skiing. The many beaches and resorts that line the sea and river bank have state of the art facilities and amenities that make his place an ideal attraction for many. Night life here is very lively and entertainment joints do not disappoint.


This is the Capital of Sri Lanka and home of cruise dock yard. It is a city that indulges in a style of traditional culture blended attractively in a modern day sophistication. The city by day is very busy yet as a holiday maker you come to appreciate the both western and Eastern cultures that are evident here. It is home to many shops, bars, cafes and malls. This capital city is the greatest on the island and cruising your way here paves your way to other destinations in this island country.

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