Delete, Please

An email from retailers contains all sorts of deals. Delete or even unsubscribe to save some time and money.
Delete, Please
Mary Hunt's favorite and least favorite key—the delete button. (EHStockphoto/Shutterstock)

I have a love-hate relationship with the delete button on my computer keyboard, but not so much on my phone. For some reason, after more than 20 years of having a mobile phone, the two of us have never bonded. Most of the time, I don’t even know for certain where it is. But my laptop? Oh, yes, the bond is tight.

I know where it is at every moment of every day and night, too. I know it intimately, right down to how much memory it is using at any given time, when the warranty expires, the last time I had the touchpad replaced, and each and every thing it can do for me. But I digress.

It’s the “delete” key. I love when I can send massive amounts of junk and outdated files to never-never land. Just highlight then BAM! and delete does the job.

It goes without saying that I spend a lot of time on my computer. Here’s a hint as to just how much time: I wear holes in the keys. The “M” and “N” keys are always the first to go, and it just spreads from there. I’ve had many keyboards replaced over the years; I’ve lost count just how many. But funny thing: I’ve never worn a hole in the “delete” key. I use it often, but not nearly enough.

Although most of the time I spend on the computer is in productive writing, I do wander. Everything is just so convenient. And I’m the curious sort. As a result, I get so much email and so many notices from retailers and unbelievable piles of blog posts because I sign up. I’m a joiner. Then one thing leads to another, and before I know it, instead of writing about credit scores I’m loading up on yarn—or clothes and toys for our grandsons. Crazy how that happens!

Although I’ve all but broken the shopping mall habit (thankfully), online shopping has become my nemesis. I do know the solution—it’s right there at my fingertip in the upper right area of the keyboard. It’s easy to find. I can do it without even looking! But do I? Not often enough, because since I started this paragraph, two emails have arrived from competing knitting/yarn sites. They only know my email address because I gave it to them. And I can undo that easily. I know how to unsubscribe. I know how to delete! And I need to do that. Hang on ... I'll be right back.

There, done. Both have now gone to unsubscribe heaven. I am determined to do a lot more of that, too, as soon as I finish here.

I have a new goal: to wear a hole through the “delete” key. I'll keep you posted.

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