12 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Home More Fun

Thinking of adding a bit more fun to your home? Here are 12 eclectic, innovative, and whimsical ideas: Table swing, sandbox, cat tube, beanbag hammock, and more
12 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Home More Fun
Swing Table (Courtesy of Duffy London)

Thinking of adding a bit more fun to your home? Here are some of the most eclectic, innovative, and whimsical ideas out there.

1. Duffy London Swing Table 

Duffy London’s designs combine art, function—and fun. This swing table plays with the concepts of gravity, geometry, and illusion. Everything is handmade by in the U.K. using eco-friendly materials such as walnut wood from Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests. Just be careful pouring the coffee.


2. Le Beanock Beanbag Hammock 

Le Beanock is a innovative company that brings the comfort of beanbag to a higher level. Their hammocks are totally customizable and designed to be taken down when the space is needed and put back up when it’s relaxation time.


3. Hilden Diaz Forest Chandelier 

Hilden Diaz is the result of the collaboration between artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. Their work is centrally about nature, but they bring to it themes from technology, cognition, psychology, and history. If you want the ambiance of forest light inside your city home, their “Forms of Nature” light sculpture might be what you’re looking for.


4. Hernandez Silva Glass Bottom Bathroom

The architecture studio of Hernandez Silva in Guadalajara, Mexico, specializes in optimizing great views. This glass-floor bathroom provides a particularly interesting one. Though if you’re afraid of heights, you might feel a bit too vulnerable.  


5. Justin Kemp Studio Sandbox

Justin Kemp is an artist born in born 1982 in Wisconsin who now lives and works in Northampton, Ma. His idea to bring the beach to the office is not only brilliant, it’s a simple DIY project. Probably best for those who don’t have pets.


6. David Hotson In-House Transportation

David Hotson studied Environmental Design at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada and continued his education at Yale. He’s designed buildings from the Museum for African Art in SoHo, New York, to offices of the Secretary General of the United Nations. His modern, minimalist Skyhouse, built atop one of New York’s oldest surviving steel framed skyscrapers dating back to 1895. The home is full of innovations, including a mirror-polished stainless steel slide for quick travel down from the top corner of the attic penthouse.  


7. Pierre Andre Senizergues Skateboarder House

Pierre Andre Senizergues, the founder of Sole Technology action footwear, is also a professional skateboarder. Despite building his footwear empire, he hasn’t lost his passion for skateboarding. So much so that he turned his 2,200-square-foot home into a skatepark. Ever surface is fully skateable. It’s also uses natural material, is solar and wind powered, and rain water is collected for landscaping. 


8. Armin Blasbichler Patone Swatch Door

The Armin Blasbichler studio in Brixen, Italy is a playground for merging concepts of space and artifact. This shimmering door is a mosaic of 585 Pantone color swatches mounted in laminated glass. It is a great way to bring warmth and color to a dull hallway.


9. James Law Balcony Pools

If you think apartment living means giving up a private pool, think again. Cybertect James Law is dedicated to finding ways to create better living environments for city-dwellers. So instead of filling your balcony with unwanted junk, put on your trunks and jump in.

Photo credit by Architects - James Law Cybertecture


10. Cat Tube by Because We Can

If you’re going to have a playful home, why not let your pets play too? This cat tube is part of the the Mad Scientist Home Workshop designed by Because We Can—a design-build studio out of Oakland, California comprised of a team of architects, artists, builders, designers, and fabricators. 


11. Baby Girl’s Dream by Mytropolis Design

OK, this one is for parents who want to create the perfect fantasy land for their kids. Mytropolis Desgin makes dreams come true in amazing custom-built themed rooms.

Mytropolis Design team really knows how to bring a young girls’ dream into a reality. With meticulous attentiveness the room has been transformed into a whole different world (Baby Girls’ Dream).


12. Backyard Theater Via FancyMaterial

A home theater is pretty cool—but a backyard cinema takes home to another level. Open Air Cinema has inflatable screens ranging from 9 feet for cozy get togethers (up to 30 people spread out on blankets), up to 40 feet if you need to entertain 3,000 friends.  


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