Daughter Posts Proud Tweet of Her Single Mom Graduating as a Doctor at Age 50

Daughter Posts Proud Tweet of Her Single Mom Graduating as a Doctor at Age 50
(Courtesy of Nya Syndab)
Jenni Julander

At age 50, single mom Stephanie Jackson has achieved her dream of becoming a doctor, inspiring others to follow her lead.

When Stephanie’s daughter, Nya Syndab, shared her story on Twitter, it quickly went viral.

Nya shared a photo of her mother, captioned: “My mom became a doctor at 50! Dreams always come true. Congratulations, beautiful!”

She explained that in addition to raising two children on her own as a single mother, Stephanie had left her high school teaching position and moved to Atlanta, where she took six-and-a-half years to finish a doctor of chiropractic degree.

(Courtesy ofNya Syndab)
(Courtesy ofNya Syndab)

Stephanie’s story soon inspired people all across the internet to continue to chase their dreams regardless of their age.

“I'm 37 and it's still my intent to go to med school,” said one user, @IAmUnphased. "You're never too old!”
Another tweet by @marcusbell334 said, “As a 22-year-old college drop out who feels like his life is shit this at least gives me a little motivation and realization that this is not the end and I got time to rebuild myself.”
“I’m 40 now and this gives me hope,” user @BookofJonah wrote. “I wanna get my masters or apply to law school but I feel I’m too old."

Nya then joined in the conversation and offered some encouragement of her own.

“It’s never the end,” she wrote. “It took me 6 1/2 to finish undergrad and I finished this year. You’re on the right track... don’t you worry about a thing.”

The number of people who replied about wanting to pursue their dreams was so overwhelming, Nya decided to share some additional words of inspiration.

“For those that feel like they are too old to pursue medicine (or any other goal) and that it’s too late, here’s a word I’d like to share,” she wrote in a follow-up post.

"I would say to you that because you have a passion/a desire to become a doctor, it was meant for you. Whenever we have a desire for something, it's the universe and our intuition telling us that that's the path for you.”

Stephanie’s story is proof that no matter your age, success is still within reach.

“No matter how much you feel like you're off track from your goal,” Nya adds, “our life has a funny way of bringing us back to where we wanted to be the whole time. I encourage you to pursue medicine again, no matter how old you are. The world needs your healing hands."

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