Cool Tips to Visit Australia on a Low Budget

 Cool Tips to Visit Australia on a Low Budget
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There are a lot of destinations abroad for those who are looking for the adventure of a lifetime. For travelers who are interested in something more rugged and wild, one of the most appealing places in mind is Australia which is famous for the outback. Undeniably, the country is not all wild as some think although the natural rugged appeal remains in force. Nevertheless, the cost consideration should not be far from mind when you are considering a trip anywhere and to make sure that you will not be spending beyond your capacity, here are a few tips.

Skip the Usual Attractions

When you are on your way to Australia, people will generally expect you to go on a traditional route that includes all the popular destinations but if you follow suit, you may need to have more padding in your wallet. One way to have your fill of the country’s attractions without burning a hole in your pockets is to skip those famous destinations and opt for a more authentic Aussie experience. There are several places that you can visit without paying anything such as Port Macquarie’s Koala Hospital where you can see kangaroos and, of course, koalas for free. For picnic and hiking, there are several national parks such as Byron Bay’s Minyon Waterfalls and there’s Centennial and Hyde Park.

Cycle Along the Wine Region

Vineyards are something that Australia has in abundance and you can use your time here to expand your knowledge of wines. You can save money too by riding your bike to places. There’s the old wine community in South Australia known as The Barossa. There’s also Margaret River in Western Australia and Victoria’s Yarra Valley which is quite close to Melbourne.

Take Advantage of Cheap Tuesday Deals

Watching a movie may not be the first priority that you have when there is so much to explore in the country but you deserve the respite especially on a really hot day. There are definitely some decent movies which are shown on the air-conditioned cinemas and better yet make time for a movie on a Tuesday in one of the big cinemas. There are also restaurants and other establishments that offer discounts on this day.

Eat Out for Lunch

When you are traveling, eating out seems to be one of the most convenient things to do but it would be way better to go for it at lunch as the prices are lower during that mealtime. When you decide to dine out for dinner, prices are steeper. And while on the subject of food, be sure to grab a cup of coffee while you are in the country as coffee is well-loved here and the price of a cup is quite cheap.

Drop by Shopping Malls

There is so much to see inside malls and you can get a lot of cheap buys if you put your mind to it. Parking in these places is free for a certain time period and if you are using public transport, it is not too difficult to go to the mall. For those who want to save money on food, the food court here is one great area to sample the food without spending a lot. Plus, there are definitely cheaper stuff here than what you can find in some boutiques and souvenir shops.

There is no denying that there are a lot of great places to venture to when you are in Australia and these places will not require you to spend a lot during the trip. However, you need to make plans ahead so you can complete the trip at a lower cost. Indeed, Australia is one of the best places for travelers with an adventurous streak and it is definitely a great hub for explorers.

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