Children’s Books in 2022 That Come With Positive Messages

Children’s Books in 2022 That Come With Positive Messages

For many, post-Thanksgiving is a special season: the sparkly lights, the music, and the family celebrations. Cultural traditions bring a sense of comfort and a feeling of being part of something bigger than oneself. What a perfect time to choose children’s books that are associated with positive messages.

Here are some of my favorite children’s books published in 2022.

‘The First Notes: The Story of DO, RE, MI’


A monk in earlier times named Guido has an idea for music (today, we’d call it staff notation), but nobody listens. Guido’s sadness is portrayed beautifully, especially in an illustration that shows him wrapping his arms around himself. Then one day, a bishop visits and hears of Guido’s passion for music. The bishop invites Guido to take a new job training choir singers at his great cathedral. Guido uses his idea in his new job, and his innovative approach to teaching music soon spreads.

This book deserves an A+.  It is not only unique; readers will literally find themselves singing with joy as they read. Fantastic illustrations add to the celebratory quality of the book.

By Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Nov. 1, 2022 Hardcover: 48 pages

I’m So Glad You Were Born: Celebrating Who You Are’

Children need to feel that they are valued by their parents and society, no matter who they are. This book celebrates children’s lives and their uniqueness. Children are the promise of the future. In children, many hopes and ambitions are embodied. With the foundation of good families, nations thrive. Author Ainsley Earhardt also captures perfectly the idea of how to nurture and protect children.

By Ainsley Earhardt Zonderkidz, Sept. 27, 2022 Hardcover: 32 pages

‘Patrick Picklebottom and the Longest Wait’

This is the second book about Patrick Picklebottom. The first book, published in 2020, emphasized that a book can be superior to technology in many ways. In this second book, Patrick decides to go to storybook hour, but he is early. He sits and waits; time goes by really s-l-o-w-l-y. Then Patrick starts singing and dancing. Following that, he writes a short poem. After that he draws. Storybook hour arrives, but Patrick is there on the wrong day. No problem. He decides to come back on the right day and to arrive early again because he had so much fun waiting.

By Mr. Jay Lyric and Stone, Feb. 1, 2022 Hardcover: 32 pages

‘The Stack’

Luna, whose name means “moon,” is afraid of the dark. Her solution to her dilemma is to catch a star and put it in a jar to help her sleep at night. Being short doesn’t stop her from trying to reach her goal. She begins to stack objects on top of each other in order to get her closer to the stars. In her stack, she piles a bathtub, a dragon, a whale, a car, and a pirate ship. Finally, she gets her wish.

By Vanessa Roeder Dial Books, March 8, 2022 Hardcover: 40 pages

‘Not All Sheep Are Boring!

The theory behind counting sheep is that a simple, repeated, boring procedure will put people to sleep. Bobby Moynihan, best known for his nearly 10 years as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” shows a creative way to think of sheep at night. This book shows how when children are bored, they can use their imagination. His book makes the whole counting sheep experience fun.

By Bobby Moynihan G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, Sept. 20, 2022 Hardcover: 32 pages

‘Bright Winter Night

This rhyming book has a warm, cozy feeling to it. A great array of forest animals work together to build a sled so they can go and watch the Northern Lights. Each animal contributes to the final project in a unique way. For example, Stag uses his ankles to make the frame, Rabbits skillfully build a seat with their feet, and Wren lays down twigs. It’s a great way to learn about the wonders of nature through story.
By Alli Brydon Two Lions, Dec.1, 2022 Hardcover: 32 pages

‘The Storyteller’s Handbook: 52 Illustrations to Inspire Your Own Tales and Adventures’

This book has many pictures and few words. The pictures are beautifully done, with fascinating details. It is designed for children to begin a journey into their imagination. They can tell their own stories and think about what it would be like to go through these experiences. The adults reading with them can gain greater insights into their children’s thoughts, and vice versa. The adults can also introduce their own perspectives. This book is truly a unique way to communicate among family members.

By Elise Hurst Compendium, June 28, 2022 Hardcover: 128 pages

Linda Wiegenfeld is a retired teacher. She can be reached for comments or suggestions at [email protected]
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