Can You Tell How Many Matchsticks Are in the Picture? How Sharp Are Your Observation Skills?

Can You Tell How Many Matchsticks Are in the Picture? How Sharp Are Your Observation Skills?
(The Epoch Times)
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Who needs matches when you’ve got a Zippo?

So, now you can have some fun with those spare matches. Here’s a new take on an old game—matchstick puzzles—and it’s been making the rounds on the internet lately.

In the illustration below is a Zippo and a handful of matches scattered about. This may seem like a simple task, but can you count all of the matches in the picture? You may find that it’s not so simple after all!

Give it a try:

(The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)

Take a moment to count all the matches. Look carefully—some might be hiding in plain sight. How many matchsticks are there?

Choose one of the following answers: a) 8 b) 15 c) 11 d) 10

After choosing, scroll down below to see the correct answer.

(The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)
The answer is C!
There are 11 matchsticks in the picture!

Be honest; did the reflective chrome surface of the steel lighter throw you off? Reflections can be bewildering.

However, some of our readers might have correctly pointed out, “Who’s to say there aren’t any matches hidden from view behind the Zippo?”

Good point!

To this, we say 11 is the best answer of the four multiple-choice answers. It’s the most reasonable answer: to determine a number based on what can be seen, rather than guess what cannot be determined. Of course, you are free to contest this answer if you disagree!
Please share the answer you got—especially if it was different from ours. And pass this puzzle on to your friends and family members, who may not yet know how entertaining a handful of matches can be!
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