Can You Find the Odd Letters in the Sea of Xs? If You Find Them All, You May Be a Genius

Can You Find the Odd Letters in the Sea of Xs? If You Find Them All, You May Be a Genius
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It’s been scientifically proven that playing games and puzzles sharpens your mind.

It’s known that crossword puzzles can boost memory and stave off dementia, according to some studies; meanwhile, games can also increase your IQ.

Beyond that, puzzles like this one are fun diversions to perk you up on your coffee break, or if you’re simply bored at home.

So, try this tricky word search on for size and reap the rewards of both fun and brain benefits.

Below is an illustration where you will see a sea of letters, and all of them may appear to be the same letter X … but they’re NOT! Hidden among the seemingly identical letters, there are a handful of odd ones. You’ll need to call on your word-searching skills for this task—can you find them all? How many are there?

See if you can find out!

(The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)

Don’t scroll down right away!

Take a moment or two to find all the odd letters, and once you think you’ve spotted them all, or if this puzzle has gotten the best of you, scroll down to see the solution.

There are 4 odd letters: two Ys, one K, and one V.

Did you find them all?

(The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)

If you found one, two, or three out of the four, it means you were too hasty and should have been a bit more thorough in your search! If you found them all, it means that you were paying attention, and you deserve a congratulations!

Thankfully, either way, your brain has benefited from the mental activity trying to solve this problem, while having some fun at the same time, so be sure to check out some more of our puzzles on our website—we have a whole section dedicated to them, some even more challenging than this one!

Well, we also hope you enjoyed this neat little game; and if you did, then please share it with a friend or family member, and put them to task to see how many they can find.

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