California Pet Store Owner Helps Man Who Lost His Home in LNU Lightning Complex Fire

California Pet Store Owner Helps Man Who Lost His Home in LNU Lightning Complex Fire
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The LNU Lightning Complex Fires swept through Vacaville, California, earlier this month, devastating homes and leaving many locals with no place to live.

Many have turned up at Western Ranch Pet Supply, where donations and other assistance are being offered by the community.

Local resident Dave Dubay lost his home to the fire with no insurance.

He came to the pet supply store to have his chihuahua Hunter’s nails clipped, but he received much more than that. Overwhelmed with the help and support offered, he was feeling lucky to be alive.

Dubay was overwhelmed when Noelle Demartini, the pet store manager, reached out and asked him why he was crying.

She learned that Dave had not only lost everything he owned, but he also lost one of his friends when the fire swept through his neighborhood.

He was also overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, ABC 10 reported.

"I lost my house. Everything burnt to the ground with no insurance," he told the news outlet. "But God saved us and there's a reason why and I don't know why."

Demartini said she wanted to help him in a time of need, especially after learning of his loss.

Dubay's family home was built by his parents on English Hills Road in 1964. Since they passed away, Dubay has lived on the property with his dog Hunter.

The generous store manager decided to set up a bank account for Dave, order him a cell phone, find him a hotel to stay at, and even book him in for a long overdue haircut.

A GoFundMe Page was also set up for Dave, and it has already raised over $5,000.

They hope to raise $20,000 to get him back on his feet.

The generosity went a step further when one of Demartini’s friends bought him a 2004 Toyota 4Runner to get around in.

Noelle has since arranged insurance for the vehicle. Further funds raised will go toward gas, meals, and hopefully a trailer for Dave to live in on the land where his house once stood.

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