Girl Silenced Haters With Moving Message After Being Labeled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’

Girl Silenced Haters With Moving Message After Being Labeled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’
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From the archives: this story was last updated in August 2019.
Born on March 13, 1989, Lizzie Velásquez, of Austin, Texas, was born with an extremely rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight, hence affecting her appearance; only three such cases are known in the world. Witness the journey of this brave woman, whose inner worth has shone through the countless difficulties she has endured!

Lizzie suffers from lipodystrophy, a rare genetic disorder in which the body is unable to deposit any adipose tissue. As a result, she has no body fat, which explains her skeletal appearance.

The disease also affects health and induces premature aging. Lizzie, who has never weighed more than 64 pounds (approx. 29 kg) in her entire life, has to eat a high-calorie diet frequently to keep her body’s energy levels up. She is also blind in her right eye, with limited vision in the other eye.

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©Getty Images | Rich Fury

As a young girl, Lizzie was constantly and relentlessly bullied and teased while growing up because of her appearance. Raised in the Catholic church, it’s her faith and her religious upbringing that has helped her stay strong and positive.

“It’s been my rock through everything, just having the time to be alone and pray and talk to God and know that He’s there for me,” she told Charisma News in 2013.

Also, Lizzie credits her parents, who have loved and stood by her throughout her life.

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Lizzie didn’t know she looked different from other children until she went to preschool. The other children didn’t want to sit near her and pointed at her. She used to tell parents about it, and they always assured her she was worthy.

“There is nothing wrong with you, you are just smaller than the other kids,” her mother and father reassured her, Today reported.

“You are beautiful and smart and can accomplish anything,” Lizzie said her mother and father used to tell her.

“They loved me in the face of so many unknowns,” Lizzie said.

©Getty Images | <a href="">Michael Buckner</a>
©Getty Images | Michael Buckner

As a kid, she was a writer for the school newspaper and photographer for the yearbook. She also joined the cheerleader team, wearing the uniform with pride.

“I wanted to look like everyone else and blend in, and I couldn’t find a way to make that happen,” she said. “I couldn’t blame the doctors or my parents, so I blamed myself.”

When she was 17 years old, she came across a YouTube video of her being promoted as the “world’s ugliest woman.” The video had gone viral and the comments section was full of hurtful remarks.

“I felt like someone was putting a fist through the computer screen and physically punching me. I bawled my eyes out,” she said to Today.
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©Getty Images | Tommaso Boddi

Eventually, she became a writer and has written three self-help books to tackle the issue of bullying. Her book, published in 2014, is called “A Brave Heart, The Lizzie Velasquez Story,” and a documentary with the same title was released in 2015. She is also an inspirational speaker and has been lobbying the U.S. Government for an anti-bullying bill.

Lizzie has pulled herself through the most awful fate. She is a brave and beautiful person inside and out. She is a very hardworking girl and has also undergone heart scans and tests. She’s out there and not ashamed of who she is.

“The best way to get back at everyone who called me a monster was to make myself better,” she said in the TEDx talk.

©Getty Images | <a href="">Michael Buckner</a>
©Getty Images | Michael Buckner

For a so-called “most ugly woman,” this lady has proven to be sweet and brave in the face of adversities and bullies.

“No matter what we look like or what size we are, at the end of the day we are all human. I ask that you keep that in mind the next time you see a viral meme of a random stranger. At the time you might find it hilarious but the human in the photo is probably feeling the exact opposite. Spread love not hurtful words via a screen,” she posted on her Facebook page.

To help others overcome life’s struggles, the inspirational speaker shared a message: “Even when it seems like things will never get better in the darkest times. If you have faith and continue to push yourself, you can eventually get through anything.”

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©Getty Images | Jesse Grant
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