Broccoli Cupcakes—More than Just a Pregnancy Craving

Unique cupcake shop opens in Astoria

A unique cupcakes store, Sweets First, sells Broccoli and Cheese cupcakes in Astoria, a block away from Museum of the Moving Image.
Broccoli Cupcakes—More than Just a Pregnancy Craving
Amelia Pang

NEW YORK— Sweets First, a peerless cupcake store that also sells hot sandwiches opened in Queens in April. Its menu includes exotic flavors such as the Broccoli and Cheese Cupcake and French Toast Cupcake.

 The Astoria cupcake store is right around the corner from the Museum of  the Moving Images; hence, they have named their cupcakes appropriately.

 The French Toast Cupcake is also known as “The Breakfast Club.”

 The Broccoli and Cheese Cupcake is also referred to as a “Seinfield,” which is named after its famous line—“I love broccoli. It’s good for you... then maybe you’d like to try a piece?”

 The sisters Sandy Nuguid and Christine Mendoza opened the shop with their cousin Charisse Balines after an unusual pregnancy craving.

 Charisse requested something with broccoli and cheese; instead, her sister made a batter of broccoli cupcake topped it with mild cheese frosting—and it actually tasted good.

 Hence, that was the beginning of Sweets First.

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