Brave Books: Traditional Children’s Books With Pizzazz

Brave Books: Traditional Children’s Books With Pizzazz
llustrated plate from "Elephants Are Not Birds" by Ashley St. Clair with artwork by Stellyana Doneva. (Brave Books)

Today’s adults are often confronted with hostile ideas toward our culture and may need help navigating young children through these challenging times. For those wanting to reinforce their traditional values, Brave Books may be one way to help.

Brave Books has created alternative books to the current progressive agenda. Each book teaches traditional values that highlight how America is special. There is no specific political agenda being pushed, however.  Rather, the focus is on issues such as the sanctity of life, freedom of speech, a respect for truth, gender identity, and so forth.

The Brave Books mission is to “instill a love of truth” and give children a good moral compass to guide them through their lives. The publisher partners with conservative figures who are established writers and/or media figures.

The books have similar setups with anthropomorphized animals that all live on Freedom Island. At the end of most of the books is a challenge to drive home key lessons and values. Each activity (a game and the accompanying discussion questions) takes between 10 and 20 minutes. The games can be played with individuals or groups and are perfect for homeschools.

‘Elephants Are Not Birds’

Book cover for "Elephants Are Not Birds," by Ashley St. Clair.
Book cover for "Elephants Are Not Birds," by Ashley St. Clair.

Ashley St. Claire’s book tackles the topic of gender identity. Kevin the Elephant loves to sing, but Culture the Vulture tries to convince him that because of his love for singing he must be a bird. Kevin’s attempt to be a bird by dressing up like one fails to help him fly, for instance.  He recognizes this fact when his friends and family need his help, which only an elephant can provide.

Theme: Boys are not girls and vice versa.
‘Elephants Are Not Birds’ By Ashley St. Clair Brave Books, Jan. 1, 2021 Paperback: 48 pages
Ashley St. Clair is a popular conservative influencer.

‘The Island of Free Ice Cream’

Book cover for "The Island of Free Ice Cream" by Jack Posobiec.
Book cover for "The Island of Free Ice Cream" by Jack Posobiec.

Life in Rushington is wonderful until a group of deceptive wolves come along and promise they will turn Rushington into the perfect city, overflowing with delicious free ice cream, the same way they did to their home island.

All the animals of Rushington buy into the wolves’ deception without a thought, except for a fox named Asher. Asher uses his inventive mind to expose the wolves’ lies and hidden plans.

Themes: 1) Competition within a capitalist society leads to better products and services. 2) In life, nothing is free.
‘The Island of Free Ice Cream’ By Jack Posobiec Brave Books: Sept. 14, 2021 Paperback: 52 pages
Jack Posobiec is a popular conservative influencer.

‘Because You’re My Family’

Book cover for "Because Your My Family," by Missy Robertson.
Book cover for "Because Your My Family," by Missy Robertson.

Valor, the lion cub, didn’t want to gather carrots to help his mother bake a cake for Mrs. Bunny’s party.  His excuse: Mrs. Bunny has a baby every week.

He resentfully gathers carrots and then dumps them in a ditch. After realizing what he has done, he runs away and climbs a giant tree. Before long, rain comes, and his father comes to rescue him. Valor asks why his father would do that and learns that his parents love for him is unconditional, not dependent on his behavior.

Theme: True love is unconditional and independent of fulfilling expectations.
‘Because You’re My Family’ By Missy Robertson Brave Books, Jan. 1, 2021 Paperback: 48 pages
Missy Robertson plays an important part in her family’s record-breaking reality show, “Duck Dynasty.”

‘As You Grow’

Book cover for "As You Grow" by Kirk Cameron, 2022.
Book cover for "As You Grow" by Kirk Cameron, 2022.

The story shows Sky Tree and the animals who live there. Cameron takes children through the growth of the tree starting with the tree as an acorn. He uses the animals inhabiting the tree to illustrate  different seasons of life. The book uses simple yet poetic language: “A tender word is soft and it gives life like a spring rain,” “Remember that the greatest sorrow can lead to the greatest joy,” and “Let your strength and gentleness be what draws others to you.”

Theme: This book is about growing up with wisdom, love, and joy.
‘As You Grow’ By Kirk Cameron Brave Books, Dec. 1, 2022 Paperback: 48 pages
A producer, actor, and now children’s book author, Kirk Cameron is an icon in the television and film industry,

‘No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern’

Book cover for "No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern" by Chaya Raichik.
Book cover for "No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern" by Chaya Raichik.

“The Candy Cavern” is a modern retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood.” In fact, reading the older version with this book is a good idea.

Rose the Lamb is excited to begin second grade. Unfortunately, her new teacher, Mr. Wooly, focuses more on candy than on teaching. He keeps feeding the class sugary treats. He tells the class not to tell their parents. Rose senses that something is wrong, but she doesn’t confide in her parents.

One day after school, Rose has a stomachache. She tells her parents why she is sick. They explain that it’s important for her not to keep secrets and that Rose that she did the right thing in telling them the truth.

The next day Rose and her class go to a candy cavern, which is actually a place to imprison the students. Mr. Wooly (who proves to be really a wolf in disguise) and his wolf friend are going to eat the lambs for lunch. They taunt the lambs by saying that their parents do not know anything about this.

Suddenly Rose’s father comes in, overpowers the wolves, and locks them in their own cages. He frees all the student lambs.

Theme: Children should not hide damaging or shameful facts from their parents. Beware when someone says, “Do not tell your parents.”
‘No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern’ By Chaya Raichik Brave Books, Feb. 27, 2023 Paperback: 40 pages
Chaya Raichik, the founder of the anti-woke social media account “Libs of TikTok,” is the author.

‘Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery’

Book cover for "Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery" by John Solomon.
Book cover for "Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery" by John Solomon.

This book follows Detective Seymour Clues and his sidekick Mr. Mouse. They seek to uncover the source of a mysterious blockage in the Tubular Tubes, the system which circulates news throughout the city. As they investigate, they are met with all kinds of deception and distractions. Eventually through their persistence, they find the truth. They uncover the true villain and an evil plot.

Readers have a chance to solve the mystery on their own based on the clues on each page before they are given the solution.

Themes: 1) Always look for information from people who have your best interest at heart. 2) Beware of the dangers of censorship. 
‘Hidden Headlines’ By John Solomon Brave Books, April 27, 2023 Paperback: 48 pages
John F. Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist and founder of “Just the News.”

Brave Books

Brave Books hope that these and their other books will stay with your children throughout their childhood and “will equip them with a BRAVE spirit to combat the very real battle we face as a nation today.”
Brave Books has an affordable option called the Freedom Island Book Club for a discount on each monthly book.                                                 
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