Beauty ‘Is a Kind of Goodness That Touches People’s Souls’: Miss NTD Beauty Pageant Contestant

“I believe beauty is a kind of goodness that touches people’s souls and inspires goodness in them.”
Danella Pérez Schmieloz

Zhu Wandi, a contestant of the New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Global Chinese Beauty Pageant—also known as Miss NTD—finds inspiration in traditional culture and philosophy to inform her understanding of beauty.

“There are many thinkers and philosophers in both China and the West who have argued that beauty is directly connected to virtue and goodness,” Ms. Zhu told The Epoch Times’ sister media outlet NTD.

“I believe beauty is a kind of goodness that touches people’s souls and inspires goodness in them,” she said.

“The eyes are able to judge whether something is pretty or good-looking, but only the heart can determine whether or not something is beautiful.”

Miss NTD promotes ancient Chinese values and celebrates the pure, authentic beauty of the Chinese woman, seeking to revive traditional femininity.

The event aims to revive the traditional and profound concept of beauty that comprehends not only outer looks but also the character and will. Contestants will be judged on five essential inner values: morality, righteousness, propriety, benevolence, and faithfulness.

Beauty “has the power to influence society in a positive way,” said Ms. Zhu.

“By participating in this pageant, I’m able to be part of an event that could actually make a difference,” she added.

“It’s really just such an honor to be part of something that is so much more meaningful and so much bigger than just an opportunity to present myself,” said the contestant.

Preserving Her Chinese Roots

Ms. Zhu’s parents are Chinese; they immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where she was born and raised. Since the city holds a large Chinese community, this allowed her to preserve her connection to her family origins, which she is grateful for, and gave her a different perspective on the world.

She mentioned that Chinese culture has “codes of conduct” containing specific and clear rules for behaving in different situations. Although they can be seen as constraining from today’s progressive mentality—which is about “breaking free of rules”—she believes it all depends on how we look at them.

“These moral teachings and traditional culture have really taught me what self-respect is. So by behaving with propriety, not only am I being respectful of others, I’m also being respectful of myself,” said the contestant. “How can you expect others to respect you when you’re not even respecting yourself?”

Ms. Zhu further spoke about China’s vast history, which gave her many historical characters to take as a reference and learn from.

“I think traditional Chinese culture has also made me a steadier and more grounded person,” she said. “It has taught me to remain humble at all times because that really is the best way to remain open-minded and to always be ready to learn new things.”

She also mentioned being eager to meet other young women who share her values and ideas.

Helping Others

Ms. Zhu told NTD that she always felt inclined to aid others and, from a young age, volunteered as a classroom translator to help classmates who had just moved from China and did not speak English. By doing this, she was able to practice her Chinese and develop skills that could help her become a professional translator in the future.

“My journey to becoming a translator started with simply the wish to help others. I like to use this experience to remind myself that in helping others, I can also help myself,” she said.

Ms. Zhu thanked her family members and friends for their support, confidence, and positivity regarding her participation in the pageant.

Miss NTD 2023 will be held at the Performing Arts Center at Purchase College in Harrison, New York, from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1. During this time, judges will consider four categories: an interview with judges; on-stage questions and answers; dancewear to showcase fitness, poise, and posture; and an evening gown. Those who choose to may also compete in the optional performing arts categories of creative, singing, or dancing— either classical Chinese or ballet.

The awards include a $10,000 cash prize, Shen Yun’s Heavenly Phoenix gold necklace and earring set, designer dresses, a collection of other gifts, and the honor of wearing the official Miss NTD phoenix crown, a beautiful sapphire tiara, for a year.

Tickets are available here.
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