Bargains by the Month

Bargains by the Month
October is a good month to stock up on candy. (Nitr/Shutterstock)

OK, I'll say a word and you respond with the first thing that pops into your head.

Me: January.

You: White sales!

Excellent response—the very one I was hoping for to set the tone for this column. It's important to note that times have changed with these monthly sale guides. In recent years, some of the best sales often take place immediately before the related holiday or season.

Here's a quick month-by-month guide for the best times to purchase all sorts of consumer goods.


This is the big candy month. Stock up for all your holidays. And it may be a good time to buy a new car, if you must. In October, salespeople are getting nervous about meeting or beating year-end quotas. And have you noticed October is National Pizza Month?!


Turkeys are priced dirt-cheap from now through Christmas. So are cranberries and baking supplies. Stock the freezer, because a turkey that remains frozen is good for at least a year.


Everything you can imagine, from toys to computers, shoes to perfume, crystal to party foods, and cellphones to baby furniture is on sale in hopes of boosting holiday retail sales.


Besides everything Christmas, as well as other white sale items such as towels and blankets, this is the time to stock up. TVs are priced lowest during the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.


Presidents Day is the cue for furniture retailers to offer blowout bargains, especially on upholstered furniture.


Even though it still feels like winter, home improvement centers haul out air conditioners in March and put them on sale. And March is National Frozen Food month, so plan to fill your freezer.


Home improvement items such as flooring, house paint, and gardening supplies are good buys now. And eggs—both chocolate and fowl. Think: Easter.


Mattresses and box springs are highly promoted from late May to early fall. This is when retailers get support from the mattress manufacturers in the form of advertising and special offers. Memorial Day weekend is the signal for big-ticket items such as major appliances to go on sale.


If you're not too picky, this is a great month to buy a wedding dress. What hasn't sold gets highly discounted in anticipation of a new season of bridalwear. Home tools and hardware, dairy foods (yep, it's National Dairy Month), and menswear are hot items in June, too.


Electronics, including air conditioners (what's left by this time in the season) and ceiling fans; craft supplies; summer clothes; shoes; swimwear; and barbecues are bargains this month.


Outdoor furniture, now marked down, is taking its last breath as the season winds down. Fresh produce is cheap this month, as are school supplies and preseason fall fashions. And white sale items are now offered routinely in August. My grandmother would be happy.


Golf clubs are a bargain this month, along with canned goods, scooters, bikes, and ... houses. Home sellers who were unsuccessful in selling during the summer are anxious to move before Christmas. Now they may listen to your ridiculously low offer.
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