'A Perfect Sound': New York Audience Applauds Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

'I think that it's so clear that this music comes from such a pure place, very pure. It's just like this pure energy.'
'A Perfect Sound': New York Audience Applauds Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Soloist Debbie Jin performs the "Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto" with the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at the matinee performance at David Geffen Hall in New York on Oct. 22, 2023. (The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—From the moment Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra began to play, a sort of peace settled over Nicole Fiene, who attended the first of the only two concerts the orchestra is performing this season.

She invited Steve Breckner and several other friends to see the performance at David Geffen Hall, and when it paused for intermission, she said, "I could listen to it forever. I don't ever want it to end."

"I feel at peace, my mind is just very clear. My body is very relaxed. And the sound is just so—it’s just a perfect sound," she said.

"I just feel this really tranquil energy," she added, while trying to explain the source of the tranquility. "It’s the talent of the musicians, and it’s very special performance."

"I think that it's so clear that this music comes from such a pure place, very pure," she said. "It's just like this pure energy."
The experience inspired her in her outlook on the world.
"I think that the world needs to restore the purity, like having a pure source of things, in all creations in music and art. In our minds and our hearts. There's so much to gain when you come from a pure place, and so much positive impact that you can have," she said.

Mr. Brecker agreed, commenting on how impressed he was with the musicians.

"There's a peacefulness to it," he added. "I feel it inside. It comes to me inside; it's not just external. I feel it internally."

He described the experience as "just amazing, astounding, beautiful."

The day's program included classical favorites, like Finlandia and New World Symphony, as well as original works written by Shen Yun Performing Arts' in-house composers. The New York-based ensemble is famous for blending East and West, incorporating ancient Chinese instruments and melodies into a classical symphony orchestra.

"I thought the music was beautiful. It was so uplifting and inspiring," said Lorraine Nestman, who attended the matinee performance with her husband, Carl.

"It was uplifting. I felt like I was in an epic movie. It was just really beautiful," Mr. Nestman added. "I felt like I was moved from one place to another."

The concert began with the original work "Salvation During End Times," evoking the founding legend of China, wherein the divine Creator descends to earth and establishes Chinese civilization, laying the foundation of traditional culture and morality for humankind.

Also inspired by the performance was Veronica Sanchez, who attended the performance with her husband, Jose Hernandez, co-owner of a fire prevention firm.
"It was beautiful. It had elements of sadness but triumph. Very emotional, very beautiful, beautiful performances," Ms. Sanchez said. "The music really tells the story."
"It brings the world together," Ms. Sanchez said, adding that this music brought her peace and a reprieve from the world's ills. "Everybody loves music, and everybody understands music. And you can always tell a story through music."
Mr. Hernandez said Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra had created a "new international language," and he recommended it to everyone, "young, old, let them realize what the world is about."
"It is a wonderful performance, with a great experience. Everyone should come and see it. This way they could feel what an orchestra is about, what music and harmony is about," said Mr. Hernandez. "We are human beings. We need that human contact, relation."
With reporting by Sally Sun
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