99-Year-Old Grandma Calls Police to Get Arrested to Check Off Her Bucket-List Wish

99-Year-Old Grandma Calls Police to Get Arrested to Check Off Her Bucket-List Wish
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From the archives: This story was last updated in February 2019.
In 2017, a 99-year-old grandmom from the Netherlands got her wish come true to get arrested once in her lifetime when these thoughtful police officers came in to help—handcuffing and locking her up in a cell!

With a look of pure joy, 99-year-old Annie allowed an officer to put handcuffs on her and lead her away into her very own jail cell at the nearest police station in the Dutch town of Nijmegen-Zuid on Feb. 23, 2017.

Nijmegen-Zuid Police took the post on Facebook and titled it "Nearly 100 and a bucket list.”

Although technically, police are not supposed to lock up non-criminals (Annie clearly was no criminal), they made an unusual exception for Annie, who, being 99 years old, had wished to get arrested once and be put in jail.

"She wanted to be in there because of her bucket list," Peter Smit, a lieutenant at the police station, told The Independent. "In her life she never committed any crime, and thought it would be exciting to experience. As you can see in the picture from our post, she found it hilarious to be in the inside with the handcuffs."

 (Illustration - Patricia Soon/Shutterstock)
(Illustration - Patricia Soon/Shutterstock)
According to CTVNews.ca, a spokesperson from the police shared that Annie’s niece was reporting a crime. That’s when she informed an officer about the elderly lady’s wish. The officer agreed to participate and helped the grandma check off this wish from her bucket list.

The spokesperson said, “The smile on her face is priceless.”

 (Courtesy of <a href="https://www.facebook.com/politie.nijmegen/photos/a.572948799548004/833781586798056/?type=3">Politie Nijmegen</a>)
(Courtesy of Politie Nijmegen)

The Facebook post garnered attention from social media users who praised the police force for allowing the elderly lady to experience the prison cell.

One user wrote, "You know you're doing something right with your prison system if people want to experience it for fun."

Another user from Canada commented, "Hahaha that's awesome, so glad you got to cross off one more thing off your bucket list Annie hats off to the police for making her dreams come true."

Although she was only detained for a short while, perhaps Annie will find consolation in knowing that that's one more item she can check off her bucket list.

 (Illustration - ChiccoDodiFC/Shutterstock)
(Illustration - ChiccoDodiFC/Shutterstock)
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