10 Tips for Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Shoestring

Kitchens are the heart of anyone’s home. With these 10 easy renovation tips from Hometalk you will turn your kitchen into a nice and cosy space. Try it out!
10 Tips for Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Shoestring
10 DIY tips to improve your kitchen on a budget via Hometalk.com

Kitchen upgrading can be an expensive and draining endeavour. But with all the time you and your family spend in your kitchen, it’s important that you feel comfortable and inspired there.

How do you keep away from renovation costs without wanting to keep away from your kitchen?

Here are some budget ways to upgrade your kitchen that won’t leave you regretting the expense.


1. Floors

If your floor is uninspired, don’t rip it up just yet. There are some great, affordable options for upgrading your kitchen floors without jumping into a full-on renovation.

Shavonda wasn’t ready to renovate, so she upgraded her old linoleum floor with a coat of paint and a whimsical stencil.

Painted and stencilled linoleum floor via Hometalker A Home Full of Color

2. Concrete Countertop

Concrete coating is currently a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. With its glossy yet rough appearance, concrete doesn’t look ruined after use, and doesn’t spotlight imperfections, making its sleek, black allure last longer.

For less than $150, Sarah was able to cover her kitchen countertops using Ardex Feather Finish in only four days, and achieve this concrete effect.

Easy DIY Concrete Counters via Hometalker Sarah’s Big Idea


3. Faux Granite Countertop

If you'd rather go for a sleek granite look than the matte concrete, get inspired and cover your countertops with granite countertop paint .

This incredibly high end look took only $78 and two days!

Faux Granite Painted Countertops via Hometalker Mom 4 Real

4. Sink and Faucet

Bring the focus to your sink, a much smaller and inexpensive space to renovate, and greatly improve the look of your countertops.This is one of the simplest dollar-smart ways to upgrade your kitchen.

You can also use your faucet to customize your sink, by getting some vintage hardware in good condition. You can give your faucet a facelift for just $20 by following Sara’s instructions for painting a faucet.

Paint a Faucet via Hometalker Sincerely Sara


5. Backsplash

No matter your countertops, your kitchen can be brightened by a beautifully painted or mosaic kitchen backsplash. Add a pop of color, or a design all your own, to customize your space.

White subway tile, like the kind used below by Jenna, (http://www.hometalk.com/3382705/diy-kitchen-renovation) is low-cost and gives your kitchen a clean, chic look. This project can be extremely light on your budget, depending on your materials, like a inexpensive, easily applied decal.

DIY Kitchen Renovation via Hometalker Rain on a Tin Roof 


6. Cabinet Doors

Eye-level cabinets are generally what a guest will notice first when entering the kitchen.

Myra trimmed the cabinet doors and added vintage hinges to upgrade her kitchen on a dime.

You can also create instant drama by adding molding, for an all new look without completely rebuilding.

Update Kitchen Cabinet Doors via Hometalker My Blessed Life 


7. Cabinet Interior

Kitchen cabinets create their own sort of display case and provide great design potential. Use glass doors or completely remove doors to utilize the back of the cabinet. Take a couple hours to paint a bright accent color to maximize hidden space, for a quick, dollar-smart upgrade.

Adding Color via Hometalker SAS Interiors  


8. Walls

Repainting or re-papering the walls of your kitchen will create change in a big way and can be a low-expense job.

Painting the walls a light color, is an easy trick to bring in some light, and to showcase all of your colorful dishes and details.

Kitchen Makeover via Miss Mustard Seed


9. Window Treatments

Window space is shockingly easy to decorate on a budget. Try out some no-sew window treatments using materials you already have, like sheets or napkins. You can also buy low-cost materials, like the burlap and trim used here, for an inexpensive upgrade.

Grain Sack Inspired Curtains via Hometalker Jeanette Country Design Style 


10. Lighting Fixtures

Change your lighting and completely change the way you see your kitchen!

Use a white chandelier to enhance the light or a bold colorful chandelier to highlight your color scheme. Repurpose old fixtures to save on money and add a vintage detail.

While doing a budget friendly kitchen makeover, Nicki found her kitchen chandelier, featured below, for just $2 at a yard sale.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover via Hometalker The Vintage Farmhouse 

For more ideas on kitchen backsplashes, kitchen cabinets, and overall kitchen design, check out Hometalk.

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