Bride Told She’d Never Walk or Talk After Falling Into Coma Dances With Groom on Wedding Day

November 18, 2021 Updated: November 18, 2021

A bride who was told that she would never be able to walk or talk again after falling into a coma and having a leg amputated was able to dance with her groom on their wedding day.

Amy Peterson, who has suffered a host of health problems, said she felt “wonderful” after tying the knot with her fiancé, Ben.

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Amy and Ben Peterson married on Halloween at Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone. (SWNS)

Over the past four years, the 32-year-old fell into a coma for five days after suffering a cardiac arrest and also has had all her teeth removed due to an infection in her gums.

When Amy woke up from her coma at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Kent in 2017, she was met with Ben holding her hand but did not know how many days had passed.

Despite doctors saying that there was a high chance she’d suffer brain injury and probably never walk or talk again, she battled back and recovered—defying the odds that were stacked against her.

However, four months later, all her teeth had to be removed after repeated infections in her gums.

To make matters worse, in April 2021, Amy’s leg was amputated below the knee after an ulcer in her foot became infected and began affecting her kidneys.

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Amy Peterson had her lower right leg amputated in April this year. (SWNS)

Referring to her operation, Amy said: “I don’t really get conscious of my looks.”

However, while coming to terms with having her leg amputated, Amy said that not being able to climb the hill to her home by herself is frustrating.

Despite all the challenges she has dealt with, Amy didn’t let any of her health issues get in the way of marrying her boyfriend of five years at Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone, Kent, in Southern England.

On her special day, she came down the aisle in a wheelchair, decorated with Halloween-themed objects. She was able to stand at the altar with Ben, using a stool to rest her leg upon.

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She was also able to dance with Ben and her father using the stool to prop her up.

After their wedding on Halloween on Oct. 31, the newlyweds went on to celebrate their marriage with a “spooky reception” at their local pub, The Fox Pub, in nearby Barming.

“I know quite a lot of people who have been in hospital, there was a lady next to me that had an amputation a couple of months ago,” Amy said. “I want them to know there’s a happy ever after.”

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