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Boy Surprises Stepdad With Video Asking To Be Adopted

BY Epoch Video TIMEMay 9, 2019 PRINT

An amazing video has recently surfaced online showing the highly emotional moment a step father receives the best Christmas gift he could get in the form of his step son asking him to officially adopt him.

The video tells us that Gavin, the step son in this story, suffered the tragedy of losing his real father when he was very young and that Drinnen had been his step dad for the past five years.

As the video unfolds we watch Drinnen’s reaction to a series of clips showing pictures and videos of the two of them clearly happy and doing a variety of activities together throughout the years.

Drinnen can be seen fidgeting as he valiantly fights back emotion but his efforts are in vain and as the final slide shows the words, “Will You Adopt Me?” he breaks down and tears fill his eyes. He reaches over to Gavin and hugs him fiercely before the two of them part and Drinnen is handed a gift wrapped envelope.

Slowly he rips it open to reveal a set of papers that the helpful captions explain are the official adoption papers that Drinnen will need to sign to make his adoption of Gavin official.

Without batting an eye, Drinnen grabs the pen conveniently stuck to the gift wrapping and signs the papers, pausing momentarily as his hands shake from the emotion of the situation and he dabs with a tissues tears that still fall down his cheeks like rain.

The video ends with the father and son hugging emotionally and the rest of their family watching on in awe.

Credit: T&T

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