Boy Gets X-Ray After He Bumps His Head, and Doctors Are ‘Shocked’ by What They Find

June 4, 2019 Updated: June 4, 2019

We sometimes forget what it’s like being a kid, that is, until we become parents ourselves. Then we realize that the world is a hazardous place for a kid, who knows nothing, and needs to be taught everything. They may touch a hot stove or run out onto a busy street unless we prevent them.

So, as a parent, we must childproof our homes until they can be taught how to handle each and every thing they may come across. And yet without fail, no matter how careful we may be, the unexpected always manages to hit them right on the head anyway.

Such was the case for 2-year-old Chen Chen (not his real name) from Guangzhou, China, who was bouncing on his bed one day, not unlike other children his age. Then, as his mother explained, her son had stepped on a plastic ball, lost his footing, and tumbled to the floor, Daily Mail reported.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Elena Rostunova
Illustration – Shutterstock | Shane White

Chen Chen didn’t bump his head on a sharp corner, thankfully. What he did do was bump his head on, of all things, an electrical power plug. Shockingly, it plugged right into the side of his head. The three prongs of the plug had pierced his head, and yet, the boy lived.

The mother did not explain whether there were any adults supervising the boy when the accident occurred.

When his parents realized what had happened, they immediately took Chen Chen in their vehicle and rushed him to the hospital. There, doctors took an X-ray of Chen Chen’s head and saw that the power plug’s three 2-centimeter contacts had pierced his skull and entered his brain.

Illustration – Pxhere | gcasasola

Immediately, they took him into surgery to hopefully remove the plug without causing more damage. And after a three-hour operation, Chen Chen was plug-free, and his head was stitched up.

The doctors did not know if there would be any long-term health effects from the injury, but they were optimistic that his head would mend up. Chen Chen was lucky.

It just goes to show that parents can’t be everywhere all the time no matter how hard we try. We’ve probably all experienced something like this as kids growing up. Besides, what kind of childhood would it be without all those bumps and bruises and lessons learned along the way?