Boston Marathon Survivor Gets Movie Deal, New Child

BY Epoch Video TIMEJuly 15, 2014 PRINT

From Boston to Hollywood, the story of a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings is reportedly making its way to the silver screen.

Jeff Bauman lost both his legs in the explosion last April when two bombs went off near the finish line, the annual marathon killing three, and injuring nearly 300 others.

Since then, his written a book detailing what happened that day, as well as his recovery.

Titled Stronger, publishers released the book in April, then it quickly became a New York Times Best Seller.

In the memoir, Bauman describes how he aided police in identifying the suspects, and how he first struggled with relearning to walk.

“He took my legs, but he didn’t break me,” he writes.

On Monday, Variety reported that Lionsgate will adapt the book into a film, with writers and producers from the Oscar nominated movie The Fighter behind it.

But, there’s even more to celebrate.

According to his charity’s Facebook page, Bauman became a father Sunday when his fiance gave birth to a baby girl.

The couple first announced their engagement and pregnancy in March. Bauman said at the time he just wanted to be a good dad.

Lionsgate didn’t release many details about the upcoming film, so we don’t have an expected release date yet.

But a writer for the Boston Herald speculates maybe they will end with the scene Bauman shared Monday of his future with Erin, and now their perfect baby girl.



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