‘Born 2 Win’: Man With Rare Condition and His Wife Are Changing Lives With Love, Faith

The couple belives that God's purpose is to use their union to "change the world for the better."
January 12, 2021 Updated: January 29, 2021

A man who has suffered over 200 fractures due to a rare birth disorder and his loving bride are on a mission to prove that “God-given potential” knows no limits. With their shared dream, the newlyweds are transforming lives through the power of faith and true love.

Talking to The Epoch Times, the London-based couple shared about their passion to create positive change for the next generation, spread hope amid despair, and inspire over a billion people to “unleash their full human potential.”

Winston Ben Clements, 34, and Mayfair Clements, 23, who married in August 2020, say it’s their predestined connection that makes this inspirational journey ever so exciting.

“I believe God joined us together,” said Mayfair, a high-performance coach who runs The 20 Something Coach Club for young entrepreneurs.

A two-time TED talk speaker, Winston advocates for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Through his motivational website and podcast, Born 2 Win, he helps his listeners cultivate the confidence to make an impact in the world.

Epoch Times Photo
Winston Ben Clements and Mayfair Clements on their day of engagement. (Courtesy of Mayfair Clements)

Mayfair, who started her coaching business at 20 years old, has been working with pro athletes and Fortune 500 companies. She met the motivational speaker and the love of her life, Winston, in July 2018.

“I met Winston at a personal development event in London. It was genuinely refreshing to speak to someone who was on a similar path,” she recalled.

Winston, who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), or brittle bones disorder, says the rare condition “affects about 1 in 20,000 people,” many of whom do not make it beyond their childhood years.

Although Winston has endured many surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation in his lifetime, his spirit is unbreakable. He says he is fortunate to have won the “family lottery”; friends and mentors have always encouraged him to shoot for the stars, and in Mayfair, he has found his soulmate.

As the couple’s friendship blossomed, Winston suggested they start a mastermind group, Talk Less Do More, to support fellow entrepreneurs. “This venture drew us even closer,” said Mayfair, “and for the first time I began to picture us being together.”

As it turned out, so did Winston. The evening after running their first mastermind workshop together, Mayfair realized she was in love.

“We spent the whole evening talking, sharing parts of our history that we’d never shared with anyone before. Winston told me he was in love with me … I felt the same,” she recalled.

“We discussed getting married in the coming months, and in true Winston fashion—he eventually made it happen.”

Epoch Times Photo
Winston Ben Clements and Mayfair Clements on their wedding day. (Courtesy of Mayfair Clements)

Winston admitted that his biggest challenge was keeping the proposal a secret. During an introductory lunch for their families at Winston’s parents’ home, Winston’s sisters and cousin distracted Mayfair while the Clements family donned romantic decorations.

“Joy, tears, relief, wonder, delight, and the presence of God are some of the things I believe we all experienced when I asked Mayfair to marry me,” Winston said.

The couple married at a beautiful English manor house. Having dreamed of an “intimate wedding that was centered on God,” their special day was not impacted by the pandemic.

“When I saw my bride coming down the aisle, the emotion hit me all at once,” Winston said. “I was completely blown away.”

“It had been such a whirlwind journey for us, from the time we got together, through meeting each other’s families, and then getting married in the middle of a global pandemic,” he added.

Epoch Times Photo
Winston Ben Clements with his wife, Mayfair Clements (2nd-L), and family. (Courtesy of Mayfair Clements)

The doting wife says her husband is more capable than many might imagine; however, navigating other people’s preconceptions about life with special needs has been a challenge for them.

Except for taking the lead on domestic chores, Mayfair says the only thing she has to “cope with” is “the burden of other people’s assumptions.”

“He drives a custom car,” she said. “He lived alone in his own apartment for many years before we got married, and he is even able to travel all over the world to speak at events independently.”

The couple’s shared faith gives them strength.

Recalling a time in her life before knowing Winston, when she was riddled with anxiety, Mayfair credits an “epiphany moment” for her recovery. She says her “faith is by far the most important and defining aspect” of who she is. While Winston affirms his faith in God keeps him grounded and motivated.

“Growing up I used to believe that my story would always hold me back,” he said.⁣ “But over time I’ve come to realize that even when your story feels like a burden, it can turn out to be a blessing for someone else.⁣”

“I now believe that my story was given to me as a blessing,” he said. “This motivates me to keep going because I know I have an opportunity and a responsibility to use my situation to create positive change for the next generation.”

Epoch Times Photo
Winston Ben Clements during his second TED talk. (Courtesy of Mayfair Clements)

Winston believes that God’s purpose is to use his union with Mayfair to change the world for the better. Meanwhile, Mayfair calls Winston her “best friend and biggest encourager.”

The couple, who are relocating to New York City in 2021, dream to encourage people from all backgrounds to “live a life of freedom, empathy, and hope.”

“We’re really excited for the opportunity to connect with people in the U.S. and find platforms to share our story of unconventional love and business,” Mayfair said.

“We hope that our story inspires you to believe in yourself and believe that you can live a life without limits,” Winston added.

Louise Bevan contributed to this story.

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