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Book Review: ‘A Gift to Remember’ by Melissa Hill

BY Cesca Major TIMEDecember 10, 2013 PRINT

Darcy Archer, bookworm and daydreamer, works in a book shop in New York. Despite the pleading from her indomitable aunt she moves around the busy city on her bicycle enjoying the smells and bustle of Manhattan. 

One snowy morning, lost in her thoughts, a man steps into the street just ahead of her. As Darcy pumps the brakes she realises it’s hopeless and ends up colliding with the figure. 

Rushed to hospital Darcy is left with his dog and a whole lot of questions. 

When he wakes he can’t remember who he is and Darcy helps him find out. As she starts to discover more about this mysterious man it seems she might have stumbled across her match. But as complications arise and the problems build it seems Darcy’s happy-ever-after might not be as simple as all that…

This book is a gorgeously warm read. Perfect with a glass of wine and a long bubble bath, watch as the Christmas madness fades into the background. 

Melissa Hill has created a wonderful character in bookish Darcy who is charming without being weak, a daydreamer without being flaky.

Our hero, frustrated but kind, is as likeable as his energetic dog and the scenes in the hospital are enjoyable as Darcy starts to unravel the secrets of his life with him.

The addition of short quotes at the start of each chapter is an adorable idea and the book feels like a lovely celebration of reading itself. 

Melissa Hill’s real skill, however, is her ability to drip-feed the reader with secrets and red-herrings, forcing you to turn that page to satisfy the new questions thrown up. It should come as no surprise to discover the author also writes crime as this is expertly done. 

A cracking winter tale, beautifully packaged and crammed with a feel-good vibe, this is a great read just in time for Christmas.

Cesca Major reviews and writes novels. She is represented by The Darley Anderson Literary Agency and runs a new company, Book Camp. Follow her on Twitter @CescaWrites

Cesca Major
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