Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Tiny Guide Dog to Find His Way on Walks

September 28, 2020 Updated: October 6, 2020

A thoughtful UK woman gifted her blind golden retriever a little canine buddy that has just seamlessly taken on the role of a perfect guide dog.

After the 11-year-old golden retriever named Tao lost his eyesight due to glaucoma last year, his loving owner Melanie Jackson bought him a furry friend, Oko.

The 16-week-old Oko has turned out to be the true companion for Tao, who needs guiding on walks.

The inseparable golden retriever duo from Shepton Mallet, Somerset, can be seen playing tug of war and walking together. They even have their own Instagram page, where Jackson keeps their fans updated!

Epoch Times Photo
The guide dog Oko with Tao, who lost his sight due to glaucoma. (Caters News)

Jackson said, “Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma which is when the eye has an irregular drainage angle and cannot drain away the fluid.”

“It all happened so fast as he was fine in the morning but on the evening he was shaking his head which suggested he is in pain,” she said.

“Five hours later, he was blind and his eye was removed!”

Jackson said that they were told Tao’s second eye would also need to be removed, but somehow they were able to control the eye pressure for a few weeks by applying eye drops.

Epoch Times Photo
Adorable Tao with his cute guide, Oko. (Caters News)

As a concerned owner, Jackson prepared Tao to face total blindness by teaching him new commands. Tao’s second eye was removed in January this year.

Though Tao was doing fine and was even able to walk off the lead, Jackson felt something was still missing: Tao needed a canine buddy.

“We were pleasantly surprised when Tao began walking up and down the stairs just three days after his operation,” Jackson said.

“But I just felt like he needed a buddy to help him and play with him now that he can no longer see.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Caters News)

Jackson is now training Tao to follow his cute little guide, the spirited Oko, so he “doesn’t get in the way of any danger.”

“Tao follows him around the fields and they sleep with each other,” Jackson said.

Jackson said her beloved golden retrievers have formed the sweetest bond ever. The cutesy duo can be spotted doing mischief and fun on their Instagram page!

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