Bizarre Rocky Landscape at Taiwanese Park Seems to Belong to Another Planet (Video)

August 13, 2016 Updated: August 13, 2016

Northern Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark features an almost otherworldly landscape of rocks and other natural formations. The narrow, approximately one-mile-long stretch contains mushroom, ginger, and other types of rocks that have been eroded over time by the nearby sea.

The park’s website lists several well-known structures including the Dragon’s Head Rock, Marine Bird Rock, and 24-filial piety hill.

As Atlas Obscura reports, the area had largely been an inaccessible military installation until a Taiwanese photographer released images of the stunning area around 1962. It has since become an extremely popular destination, with about three million tourists visiting each year.

While more revenue is being collected for conservation purposes, there are also greater stresses being placed on the landscape which is already being worn down by the elements.  One of the most vulnerable pieces is the renowned Queen’s Head Rock whose top-heavy structure is at risk of breaking off despite efforts to reinforce it.