Birthday Cake Flavored Cool Whip Rumored to Hit Supermarket Shelves Soon

April 9, 2019 Updated: April 9, 2019

A new dessert is coming to supermarket shelves soon.

Photos of a new birthday cake flavored Cool Whip, which is owned by the Kraft Heinz Company, have started to appear on social media feeds.

Food fanatics have revealed that the new birthday cake flavor appears to be a light shade of pink and includes rainbow sprinkles that have been mixed into the frozen treat.

“This is what the birthday cake cool whip looks like, not as pretty as you would think, but it’s not slacking on the flavor,” thejunkgoat said in an Instagram post dated April 6.


Cool Whip is a popular whipped cream enjoyed as a dip, with cake, pie, and even as a kind of frosting. The whipped cream also comes in french vanilla, chocolate, sweet cinnamon, strawberry, peppermint, Oreo cookie, double chocolate brownie, and cheesecake flavors.

Kraft Heinz has not confirmed exactly when the birthday cake variety will be released nationwide. An Instagram user claims he saw the birthday cake flavor at a Schnucks supermarket and even tasted it, describing it as rich in flavor.

“Cool whip birthday cake, seen it here first folks #spotted at Schnucks,” thejunkgoat said in an Instagram post dated April 5. “Plz run to your local stores and hunt for this, this is 10/10. Cool whip has just became the goat [sic].”

The new treat is claimed to stand out from other flavors by being ready to eat as a standalone dessert straight from the tub, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine. Sources said after enjoying a small bite they could hardly stop themselves from eating the new flavor.

“I’m a firm believer in treating each day like it’s your birthday because life is short and you should eat the damn dessert, right?” Cosmopolitan reported. “Next up on my list of celebration treats is this Cool Whip birthday cake flavor.”

You can find me eating this straight out of the container.

Posted by Cosmopolitan on Monday, April 8, 2019

On social media, some people said they would postpone their diets and give up having a real birthday cake, just so they could taste the new flavor.

“I’d like to take a second to mourn the death of my diet Jan 2019—April 2019,” Melissa Amanda Tuchalski said.

“It cancels out the bad stuff if you dip healthy stuff in it right? Like if I eat it with celery, it’s technically healthy, right … right?” Heather Hornak said.

“Rhonda Dixon I know what I want instead of a birthday cake this year,” Katherine Dixon said.

“Can we get cool whip in the UK please. Was out briefly then it stopped,” Lisa Kent said.

Others were not so impressed by the color of the new Cool Whip flavor and the recommendation of it as a standalone dessert.

“They kind of need to work on the color of the cool whip,” Cassidy Klein said. “That vomit color is not appealing. Either keep it white or make it yellow cake colored.”

“So its just coolwhip with sprinkles and pink coloring [sic]?” Desiree Deitz said.

“Wait the tub of cool whip by it’s self isn’t a dessert [sic],” Samantha Baker said.

“Daniel Retamal remember that time you made me try cool whip and it tasted like death,” Joanne Nguyen said.