Bikers Surprise 8-Year-Old Girl at Her Lemonade Stand

September 20, 2019 Updated: September 20, 2019

Bikers in Indiana surprised an 8-year-old girl at her lemonade stand after her mother came to the aid of injured bikers following an accident last year.

Daryn Sturch, a nurse and the mother of the girl, Bryanne, shared video footage of the bikers at the lemonade stand, noting that the bikers have been kind to her since she assisted them.

“My daughter and I pulled up on a motorcycle accident,” Sturch wrote of the Sept. 2018 incident, noting that multiple members of the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group had been involved. “Today they came by for lemonade to surprise my daughter.”

Bikers, including some with Milwaukee Iron, stopped by an 8-year-old’s lemonade stand to honor her mother, who helped some of them after a crash last year. (Courtesy of Daryn Sturch)

Several bikers required airlifts on the day of the crash, RTV 6 reported.

Some of the same bikers that Sturch helped came through to the lemonade stand. One who showed up was injured so badly that Sturch thought the man might die.

“They came through and made her day,” Sturch said. “She was so happy.”

On Facebook, Sturch added, “Thank you Milwaukee Iron for stopping at Bryanne’s lemonade stand and making her day. We love the T-shirt’s.”

Bryanne’s grandfather, who called her lemonade the “best lemonade in the state,” also shared footage to Facebook, ending his post with the hashtag #GoodPeopleDoExist.

“I think it’s a perfect example of how just because you don’t look the same way or dress the same way or have the same hobbies or interests doesn’t mean we don’t have the same core values inside us,” Sturch told CNN. “We shouldn’t make assumptions about people, we should just love each other.”

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