Best Travel Destinations in Springtime

March 26, 2015 Updated: March 26, 2015

Spring is a perfect time to travel for those not interested in spending most of their time relaxing on a beach, or sliding down snowy slopes on their skis or snowboards. Spring is the time for seeing sights, attending cultural events, and all that at a friendly price. Because, you know, spring is off-season in most tourist regions, meaning that hotels are far from being crowded, and they have friendly rates or special offers for their patrons. Here are a few of the destinations worth visiting during the springtime.

 Valletta, Malta

Valletta is the capital of Malta, the small island state in the Mediterranean. The temperatures in Malta are perfect for sightseeing in spring – the island’s tourist season starts in May, and most visitors prefer the beaches and resorts of the island at that time. The island is filled with history – it has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and different cultures – Greeks, Romans, Turks and the knights of the Order of St. John. The latter have founded Valletta, the current capital of the country, when their previous fort was occupied by the Turks in the mid-16th century.

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Rome, Italy

Rome is always a great place to visit, but if you want to experience a bit of the old times of the eternal city, you should visit it in the springtime – especially in late April, when the city celebrates its birthday. This year the celebration starts on the 21st of April, when Romans remember the glorious past – Romulus and Remus founding the city. The celebrations will include re-enactments of the past – gladiator shows in the Colosseum and chariot races in the Circus Maximus – and will culminate in a fireworks display over the Tiberis.

Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla is the home of flamenco, one of the hottest traditional musical and dance styles of the world. The Seville fair – Feria de abril de Sevilla – is a traditional fair held every year on a fairground near Seville, which takes place each year two weeks after the Semana Santa, the Holy Week of Eastger. The fair features hundreds of casetas – colorful tents made of canvas, illuminated by lanterns at night. The festivities run from Monday to Sunday, sometimes all night long – traditional foods and wines are consumed, and flamenco is played and danced until the break of dawn.

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*Image of Valletta Skyline in the Evening, Malta via Shutterstock