Best Time to Visit Marshall Islands

January 28, 2015 Updated: January 28, 2015

The best time to visit Marshall Islands requires knowing the basic weather forecast and taking note of the important events in the calendar. Apart from the money one may need to gauge when having a vacation, time may also prove to be an important currency. More importantly, time is something one cannot replenish. Knowing the basic weather forecasts gives you an idea on which time of the year a location is convenient to visit. Seasons either work for the benefit or against a vacationer’s preference. Fortunately in Marshall Islands, the weather is often good despite the variety of seasons because unlike other archipelagic nations in the Pacific Ocean region, the Marshall Islands are rarely visited by typhoons. While climate provides the parameters of convenience, public holidays mark in the calendar motivates individuals to join the locals in celebration. The main benefit of certain festivals is that they make vacations extra amusing. In fact, some vacations prove tom be the main reason for traveling.

1. May to October

Anytime around the months of May to October is considered the best time to visit Marshall Islands. According to the tourism authorities, this is the most recommendable month bracket of the year due to the relative amiability of the climate. Around this period, the waters are very calm. With the beach environment being the centerpiece of this archipelago’s tourism, one definitely chooses the days where the naval serenity is at its finest. One can definitely expect clear atmosphere – radiant pale blue skies during midday and star-spangled night skies after dark.

2. September to October

Because this archipelago rarely experiences typhoons, the rainy season could be the best time to visit Marshall Islands. These months are perfect for those seeking serenity and coziness. After all, vacation is almost synonymous to the word relaxation. The overcast skies often a certain appeal at the sea horizon during the midday. Rains are generally mild here in Marshall Islands and one can enjoy cooler temperatures at night.

3. The Fishermen’s Holiday

Marshall Islands is quite a unique nation because of its culture. This fact is often reflected by their various types of public holidays that seemed unfamiliar for the many people outside their country. Locals living in Marshall Islands celebrate the Fishermen’s Holiday. This holiday is observed every first Friday of July. What makes this holiday very interesting is the fact that it falls around the months with the most pleasant sea climate. The locals have a strong naval culture and one can only make a wild guess that such a day is a perfect day for fishermen to put on the best performance of their career.

4. Manit Day

If anyone wants to explore the authentic indigenous culture of Marshall Islands, one must witness the Manit Day ever last Friday of September. This celebration features the communal relationship of tribesmen and observing the laws of their caste system. This is also the time of the year when communities make important decisions for certain aspects of civil law.

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