Best Life Hacks Every Cook Should Know—Under 10 Minutes

BY Jasmina.Davis TIMEJuly 30, 2014 PRINT

There are always ways to make life a little easier. Here are some useful skills you can use, or learn, to make your life easier.


1. How to make butter

Fresh butter is the best.


2. How to cook a cheesecake in a rice cooker

Your baking excuses are no more.


3. How to make the coolest watermelon smoothie in 2 minutes

No real mess here, and no waste!


4. How to master the chopsticks

 You never know, the next time you go to an asian restaurant they might have ran out of forks.


5. How to peel potatoes—the fastest way

 This is really helpful if you’re cooking for more than 10 people.


6. How to easily peel garlic in 20 seconds

 Just shake it like it’s going out of style.


7. Make bread pudding without wasting stale bread—in 5 minutes

 A fast alternative to not waste stale bread.


8. How to easily get the hard boiled egg out of the shell in 20 seconds

Finally, no more egg shells stuck in between our fingernails.


9. How to cut food in one slice

Why didn’t you tell me this before?


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