‘Beauty and love and struggle were evoked in me during the show’

January 15, 2017

“It was awesome to see the storytelling of the different cultures and dances, and definitely, beauty and love and struggle were evoked in me during the show.”


“The dancing was beautiful and graceful and almost magical. The tenor, his voice was amazing. You could feel his emotion in his songs. … He was singing about how life is precious and any of our earthly things will not follow us into the heavens.”


“I can see her [the erhu soloist’s] passion for the instrument, so it makes me want to engage with her music more, and I can start to feel her passion myself.”


“[In the ‘Lotus Fairies’ dance,] when the curtain lifted and they popped out of what looked like a cloud, it really took you there, and they engaged you and really made you feel like you were a part of what they were doing.

“[I felt] just awe—complete awe that people can do that and bring you with them. Such grace and just a feeling of lightheartedness too—a feeling of happiness to … see that beauty and to feel like you were in the heavens with them. You just felt lighthearted.”


“Reading some of the [artists’] backgrounds and how long these dancers have practised and trained for this—it really is a beautiful and divine way of giving worship to their art.

“[I feel] grateful that they choose to share this with us and to bring us beauty, and excitement that I get to see it and experience it as well.”

Alicia Peplinski, hospital radiologist
Montreal, Canada
Shen Yun World Company
January 14, 2017