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Banksy in Paris: Real or Fake?

BY Ingrid Longauerová TIMEDecember 3, 2013 PRINT

Is Banksy really in Paris? This has been a hot question online since Sunday, when a website posted photos of street art in Paris strongly resembling the work of the famous, elusive British graffiti artist.

The website, titled “Back to the Roots,” at, claims Banksy has started a one-month project in the French capital. It resembles a website Banksy set up to promote his New York project earlier this year.

On Monday, photos of the street art also began appearing on the Instagram feed @BanksyParis and the Twitter handle @Banksy_Paris.

The first mural appears at Passage des Postes with the words: “I like wine and baguette, does that mean I’m French?” (Photo above)

The second is from Rue Piémontési in the 18th arrondissement.

 Epoch Times Photo
(Screenshot from

A video was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday by showing the artwork:

While photos were spreading on the Internet like wildfire, many of Banksy’s fans said they are fake. French photographer David Chapelle said, however, that the authenticity was confirmed; he received an email from Banksy’s agent.

J.D. Beauvallet, a journalist for the French publication Les Inrocks, doesn’t believe the “Back to the Roots” Banksy website is authentic.

Confirmation de l’agent de Banksy aux Inrocks : le site (et l’invasion) Banksy in Paris sont un fake @CaroleBoinet

— JD Beauvallet (@JDBeauvallet) December 2, 2013

A clearing house that verifies Banksy’s work told Storyful the French website is a fake, according to the Huffington Post.

The Local’s France edition gave further evidence that Bansky’s Paris website may be fake: “Brussels-based IT expert @Amaury noticed certain anomalies in the registration of the Banksy-Paris website, as well as discrepancies between it and its very similar BanksyNY counterpart.”

As an answer to the questions of authenticity, a new Twitter account, @banksyparis, tweeted Monday evening:

Are you sure it is a fake? Do you trust the media? Well, see you tomorrow… #banksyparis

— banksy (@banksyparis) December 2, 2013

A tweet by @banksyparis also complained that Banksy’s New York website is no longer available.

The Huffington Post reported on Monday that is registered to someone named Nakamura Takehiro in France.

Twitter account @banskyparis answered with the message:

But who’s Takehiro Nakamura? Sayonara

— banksy (@banksyparis) December 3, 2013

After all the speculation, if Banksy really is in Paris, his new project has certainly received much attention. In his aloofness, he often attracts publicity.

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