Baby Swallows Bicycle Bearing, Doctors Perform Rare Surgery to Remove It

January 16, 2021 Updated: January 16, 2021

A baby girl was saved from near death after she swallowed a 5-centimeter-wide (approx. 2-inch) piece of metal that got wedged in her throat.

The 9-month-old baby, who hasn’t been named, struggled to breathe after the incident and kept crying nonstop. The worried parents, from a small village near Kurnool City in India, rushed their little daughter to the Kurnool KIMS hospital, reported Caters News.

The quick-thinking doctors took an X-ray and finally identified the foreign object—a bicycle bearing—that was causing the baby extreme pain.

Epoch Times Photo
The X-ray of the baby revealing the bearing lodged in her throat. (Caters News)

The doctors performed emergency life-saving surgery to remove the metal bearing stuck in the baby’s food pipe. The medics called the incident “very dangerous.”

“The baby was facing difficulty in breathing and suffering from vomiting,” consultant gastroenterologist Dr. Rajendra Prasad said, according to Caters News.

“We suspected some obstruction in the esophagus and took an X-ray and did emergency endoscopy,” the doctor said.

Epoch Times Photo
The baby’s father showing the bicycle bearing that was removed from her throat after surgery. (Caters News)

“Immediately, we made some space in the esophagus using emergency endoscopy equipment and then carefully removed the foreign object with Magill Forceps,” Prasad said.

“We could save the life of the baby as the parents brought her on time.”

The doctor said that the baby girl has now “completely recovered and is breathing normally.”

“The baby was completely healthy when she came for the next follow-up,” Prasad said.

Caters News Agency contributed to this report.