Author: Shen Yun’s Music Was Heavenly

March 17, 2018

“The stories were fantastic—they were simple, they were true, they were honest. I think the dancers were superhuman, unbelievable. The music, it was heavenly, I loved it tremendously. I wanted to bring my granddaughter, but she’s 3 years old—[we’ll] wait till next year—so, I’m very excited to bring my granddaughter to see this show.”

“[The music] brought tears to your eyes, it was like so clean, so pure, uplifting. When you combine it with the colors of the dance costume, it was just like an ‘other worldly experience.'”

“More people should see it, make it a priority to go see it. It’s just uplifting, and it was so fun to hear people behind me and in front of me talking, saying, ‘Oh, wow’ just like something happening every minute—totally enjoyable.”