Author Says Shen Yun Is Profound

January 20, 2017

“I’ve seen it before, … I brought him to see it because I think it was incredibly unique and there’s nothing quite like it. … It’s not just dance. It’s a story, it’s art, and it’s music. It’s all integrated.”


“It [Shen Yun] is profound.”


“I like especially the emotionality and the spirituality in the dance and the story forever. It’s a forever story. And I like the fact that it’s trying to tell a different version of China to the rest of the world. Art speaks truth.”


“I think so many of the pieces deal with the divine and reality of the harshness of life as well as redemption, and there’s always hope, but there’s evil as well. … And the world should understand that. … And compassion, truth, love—these are all essential qualities of spirit, the human spirit.”

Dorree Lynn, psychologist, author
Charleston Gaillard Center , Charleston, United States
Shen Yun North America Company
January 18, 2017