Attorney Says Shen Yun Can Help Resolve Problems of Today

March 31, 2018

“I like the transitions from different time periods, and different costumes, and different stories, and transporting back in time. [I was] just kind of meditating.”

“I learned there are different dynasties, different facets of the life back then, and [there was] a lot of fantasy involved too—or maybe it’s real. [The] people coming out of the screen and onto the stage, it’s kind of fascinating the way they do the visuals [with the animated backdrop].”

“The different religious aspects of the gods and the kings, I like the history. … I think a lot of it applies to what’s happening today. But then a lot of it is teaching us lessons, I think, on how we can possibly resolve some of the problems we have in life today.”

“It’s just very relaxing, and I tried to think about how it applies to my life.”