Attorney Enjoys the ‘Wide Aspect of the Chinese Culture’ at Shen Yun

January 9, 2018

“I felt it was very culturally significant and showed a very wide aspect of the Chinese culture. I enjoyed the rhythm, and the beats, and the beautiful colors, and the beautiful dancing.”

“I loved the graphics and the video stuff [digital backdrop] and they brought that in with the dancers, and took the dancing out of it, and brought it into the graphics, and came back and forth. I thought that was astounding.”

“I really enjoyed when they were doing the fans, I don’t know what those were, but the red, round, they were spinning, and I thought that really reached far and deep into me.”

“The [soloist] that was playing the instrument, the erhu, unbelievable … was phenomenal, phenomenal—she was so talented.”

“They brought in the divinity, the cultural significance of religion to the dances, and the music, and the colors, and the beauty.”