Assistant Professor: Shen Yun, ‘It is not only for the Chinese people, it is for everyone’

February 25, 2017

“I was really surprised by the program “Tibetan Drums,” because the drums on stage were so in sync with the [live orchestra]. The two matched perfectly and were very precise.”

“It might be because I am specialized in the area of design. So I noticed that when the costumes were yellow, there would be some blue and green colors up [on the backdrop]. These are contrasting colors and they served to further bring out the different dance techniques.”

“What made me surprised was that, I couldn’t really tell precisely which part of music was Eastern and which part was Western? My greatest joy was that, Shen Yun was bringing to us the music of the entire mankind. … Traditional Chinese culture is only a beginning of mankind, and such beginning is the most joyful thing for mankind—kind of like a feast.”


“I believe Shen Yun is the best there ever was for mankind and it should be passed on. It is not only for the Chinese people, it is for everyone.”