Artistic Director: Shen Yun Orchestra’s Music ‘A treat for the mind and the soul’

October 4, 2017

“I really liked the solo performance by the violinist. She had a very good technique, who played really fast and her every note was right on the pitch.” 

“The performance was a treat for the mind and the soul—like a getaway from the everyday world.” 

“While hearing “The Great Khan,” images began to flourish in my mind. The music was quite a match to these images. It reminded me of Kublai Khan in the Yuan Dynasty, during which the cultures of the East and West also blended together.” 

“I am certain it is not easy to bring together a Western orchestra and Chinese instruments. So the composer is surely really talented to be able to put together different pieces with different instruments.”

“The piece “The Great Khan” was majestic while “Divine Elegance” was soft and beautiful. The Chinese flavor of both pieces was brought out by the Chinese instrument erhu. Sometimes I closed my eyes, so I could get more out of the pieces.” 

Ann Hsu, artistic director of Butterfly Arts District
Taipei, Taiwan, Asia
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 3, 2017