Artist Feels Spiritual Message of Shen Yun

April 17, 2017

“I found it impressive, the costumes, the choreography, everything, everything impeccable.”

“As I work myself with costumes and makeup, the truth is that what caught my attention the most were the costumes and the backdrops and also the choreographies are impressive. And most of all what I liked a lot was the coordination—I mean, perfection.”

“I was thrilled—the truth was that I was very moved. More than anything we went through different moods and feelings. So the representations of each thing were very good. Different states, joy, a little sadness, fear when the dragon comes out, is really very nice all the feelings it produced.”

“You can feel it [spiritual message] and it’s very good … the spiritual level of a culture—so millennial, it is as through dance they transmitted different feelings and between them their spiritual level with the Buddha image that was impressive. It was very touching.”